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Ministry Ordered To Form Squad For Beggars The higher leadership in the Ministry of Interior has ordered the formation of a squad to put an end to the phenomenon of begging. The daily, quoting security sources said, the Criminal Investigation ... June 03, 2016 0 445 Category: Crime News
3 Nepalese Kidnapped Housemaid Police are looking for three Nepalese for ‘kidnapping’ a compatriot housemaid from the home of her sponsor in Hassawi area. A Syrian eyewitness who called the Operations Room of the Interi... June 03, 2016 0 1505 Category: Crime News
Kuwaitis And Egyptians Arrested For Forging Certificates Officers from the Money Laundering Unit in the General Criminal Investigation Department at the Ministry of Interior arrested a gang of four — two Egyptians and two Kuwaitis — involved in ... June 03, 2016 0 746 Category: Crime News
120 Barrels Of Liquor Seized In Wafra Ahmadi securitymen raided an illegal liquor factory inside a livestock pen in Wafra area and confiscated 120 barrels of liquor, 80 sacks of sugar, four barrels used for filtration and five gas cylinde... June 03, 2016 0 373 Category: Crime News
Chinese Women Held For Prostitution Four Chinese women were arrested for offering flesh pleasure at costs ranging between KD 40-50. A Chinese man was also arrested for offering bribe to policemen for the release of these women. ... June 03, 2016 0 777 Category: Crime News
Kindergarten Student Gifted Mercedes To Her Teacher A Kuwaiti girl who was in kindergarten gifted her teacher a luxury car after she graduated from her class. “This car is for my favourite teacher Nadia,” the pupil, Noor Al Faris, wrote ... June 03, 2016 0 3180 Category: Kuwait
Zakat House Donates KD 300,000 For Release Of 158 Convicted Women Kuwait Zakat House has donated a sum of KD 300,000 for the release of a total of 158 women convicted of financial offenses, or those who have been issued arrest warrants. In a press conference on Thu... June 02, 2016 0 2135 Category: Kuwait
Securitymen Arrested 4 For Forging Certifiacates Securitymen have arrested two Citizens and two Egyptians men for forging salary certificates and work permits submitted to banks and financial institutions to obtain loans. After ascertaining the info... June 02, 2016 0 885 Category: Crime News
21 Arrested On Drug Charges Drugs Control General Department (DCGD) officers arrested 21 suspects of different nationalities on drug-related charges. DCGD officials estimated the total amounts of drugs confiscated with the suspe... June 02, 2016 0 920 Category: Crime News
Customs Seized 1 Kilo Hashish Custom and drug enforcement officers seized 1 kilo of Hashish hidden inside clothes shipment from Canada , investigations are ongoing to identify the person behind the smuggling of of drugs into the c... June 02, 2016 0 521 Category: Crime News
Five Chinese Arrested For Sex Trade Personnel from the vice squad raided an apartment arrested Four Chinese women for practicing prostitution , they reportedly offered illegal activities with each costing KD 40 - 50 , meanwhile , Police... June 02, 2016 0 907 Category: Crime News
Kindergarten Student Gifts Mercedes To Teacher After She Graduated From Her Class A Kuwaiti girl who was in kindergarten gifted her teacher a luxury car after she graduated from her class. “This car is for my favourite teacher Nadia,” the pupil, Noor Al Faris, wrot... June 02, 2016 0 983 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Signs Agreement With Suez Canal Authority KPC on Wednesday signed an agreement with Egypt's Suez Canal Authority for boosting bilateral cooperation and increasing the number of Kuwaiti tankers using the vital waterway.Chairman of the... June 02, 2016 0 441 Category: Kuwait
Weather To Remain Stable In Coming Days Weather in the country is expected to remain stable in the coming days, a statement from the General Directorate of Metrology predicted on Thursday. Head of the agricultural and hydrological foreca... June 02, 2016 0 381 Category: Information
Oil Price At 50-60 Dollars Is Appropriate - Kuwait Minister Kuwaiti acting Oil Minister Anas al-Saleh said on Thursday oil at $50 to $60 a barrel is an appropriate price. International Brent crude oil futures was just under $50 a barrel on Thursday. Saleh a... June 02, 2016 0 447 Category: Kuwait
50 Year Old Kuwaiti Citizen Commits Suicide A 50-year-old Citizen ended his life by hanging himself with a rope tied to the ceiling at his house in Adan area , securitymen and paramedics rushed to the location immediately after the Operations R... June 02, 2016 0 1113 Category: Crime News
Texas Teacher Arrested Who Got Pregnant After Sex With 13 Year Old Student A teacher in Texas accused of getting pregnant during an alleged sexual relationship with a 13-year-old pupil has been arrested after turning herself in to police. Alexandria ... June 02, 2016 2 13618 Category: International
Municipality Carried Out Surprise Inspection Campaigns In Farwaniya Governorate Kuwait Municipality carried out surprise inspection campaigns on all branches and warehouses of cooperative societies and supermarkets in Farwaniya governorate.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... June 02, 2016 0 992 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Removed From ILO List Of Countries Violating Labor Rights Kuwait called on the international community to apply the human rights laws to provide better living conditions for all people, including development and social equality.“It is an international ... June 02, 2016 0 529 Category: Kuwait
DNA Sample Collection Law Takes Effect The DNA Sample Collection Law took effect Wednesday and three centers have been established for this purpose. Sources disclosed the general departments for Criminal Evidence, Citizenship and Passports... June 02, 2016 0 472 Category: Kuwait