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Kuwait Finance House Buys US Office Tower For 165mn Dollars KFH Capital Investment Co, a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House, has announced the acquisition of an office tower in New Jersey, US for $165 million. The building is fully rented by Panasonic Corpo... January 07, 2017 0 681 Category: Kuwait
500 Percentage Hike On Health Charges For Expats The new price list prepared by the health ministry reveals increases that reach nearly 500 percent for residents and much more for visitors on healthcare charges. As per local media report, the n... January 07, 2017 0 1979 Category: Kuwait
Indian Assaulted ,Robbed Kuwait Police are looking for 7 unidentified persons for assaulting an Indian national in Mahboula area, stealing his ring, gold chain, and KD250, the injured man went to Adan hospital and gave police... January 07, 2017 0 519 Category: Crime News
Man Stabbed To Death Police are investigating the death of an Egyptian man who was rushed to the Adan hospital by two men with a stab in chest, MOI operations room received a call from the security staff at the hospital a... January 07, 2017 0 624 Category: Crime News
Minister Al-Rawdhan Orders Removal Of Glass Panes From Counters The Minister of Commerce and Industry Khalid Al-Rawdhan ordered that glass panes, separating the administrative office employees from common people, to be removed from counters to ensure a better work... January 07, 2017 0 690 Category: Kuwait
Renewal Of Residence Of Children I am seeking legal advise regarding the renewal of residence for dependent visa. There is a new law now that dependent visa should be based on KD 450 salary. How about those who had already had the vi... January 07, 2017 0 542 Category: Legal
Minister Warns Against Trading In Unhealthy Food Products Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri yesterday warned promoters of food unfit for human consumption would face firm punitive action. Manipulators with food supplies, during a rece... January 07, 2017 0 219 Category: Kuwait
PAHW Will Suspend The Disbursement Of Rent Allowance To 4000 Citizens Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) will suspend the disbursement of rent allowance to some 4,000 citizens who received housing allocations under the new projects, alongside those updating the... January 06, 2017 0 356 Category: Kuwait
MOC Has Appealed To Defaulting Telephone Subscribers To Pay Their Arrears Ministry of Communications has appealed to defaulting telephone subscribers to pay their arrears. The ministry disclosed its intention to set off the programmed disconnection in the course of the m... January 06, 2017 0 180 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Tourism Sector Has Prepared A Plan To Provide 15,000 Job Opportunities The country’s tourism sector has prepared a plan to provide 15,000 job opportunities in the tourism industry by 2020  quoting informed sources. They said the sector is seeking to increase t... January 06, 2017 0 239 Category: Kuwait
Ministrys Intention To Increase Charges Of The Medical Services Offered To Expats Minister of Health Dr Jamal Al- Harbi has corroborated the news report that was published recently regarding the ministry’s intention to increase charges of the medical services offered to expat... January 06, 2017 0 300 Category: Kuwait
IMF Has Adviced Kuwait To Set A Specific Timeframe Ranging Between 3 To 5 Years For Implementing VAT The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised Kuwait to set a specific timeframe ranging between three to five years for implementing the Value Added Tax (VAT) system, even though most of the Gulf... January 06, 2017 0 1181 Category: Kuwait
Security Team Has Been Assigned To Closely Monitor The Arrival And Departure Of Containers At Shuwaikh Port Acting Director General of General Customs Department Adnan Al-Qudaibi revealed that a security team has been assigned to closely monitor the arrival and departure of containers at Shuwaikh Port. H... January 06, 2017 0 906 Category: Kuwait
Tax On The Remittances Of Expatriates MP Faisal Al-Kandari on Thursday submitted a proposal to impose tax on the remittances of expatriates.Article One of the bill stipulates imposing tax on money that expatriates send outside Kuwait.Arti... January 06, 2017 0 2088 Category: Kuwait
Russian And Turkish Cheated An Exchange Shop In Farwaniya Area Two foreigners (Russian and Turkish) cheated an exchange shop in Farwaniya area to the tune of 80,000 euros. The suspects are said to have swapped the counterfeit notes while the worker was busy prepa... January 06, 2017 0 238 Category: Crime News
Securitymen Detained A Bedoun Who Accused Of Pushing A Ethiopian Lady In Hawalli Police Station Securitymen have detained a Bedoun in Maidan Hawalli police station until the health condition of an Ethiopian woman who fell from his (Bedoun) flat in the fifth floor of an apartment improves to conc... January 06, 2017 0 195 Category: Crime News
Queries On Driving License I am a mechanical supervisor who is completing his second year in Kuwait. I was working for another sponsor for the first year and then I transferred to the current sponsor and completed one year with... January 06, 2017 0 2450 Category: Legal
4 Expat Accountants Arrested As Millions Stolen From Kuwait Office  High-level cooperation between the Kuwaiti and UK authorities has led to the arrest of four expatriate accountants working for the Kuwait Health Office, London, quoting a reliable source familia... January 06, 2017 0 1862 Category: Crime News
Facebook Friend Leaves Egyptian Woman With Baby  A 23-yearold Egyptian woman through the Al-Rai has appealed to the Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait to find a solution to her tragedy. The Egyptian said she befriended a young compatriot via Fac... January 06, 2017 0 412 Category: Crime News
Ministry Of Awqaf Staff In Dilemma After Daily Fingerprint Attendance System Breaks Down The SAP (Systems Applications and Products) time and attendance program in the Ministry of Awqaf broke down so 1,200 employees have not been able to do the daily fingerprint attendance which might dep... January 05, 2017 0 1008 Category: Kuwait