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Nurse And Her Husband Were Arrested For Injecting Patients With A Kind Of Drug Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have arrested a nurse for injecting patients with a kind of drug which makes it impossible to detect hepatitis C in patients, reports Al-Shahed daily. ... November 18, 2016 0 139 Category: Crime News
Call To Increase Retirees Pension Third Constituency candidate Dr Sana Al-Osfour expressed objection to the compulsory retirement policy unless it is based on an extensive study and it serves the interest of retirees who should not fe... November 18, 2016 0 102 Category: Kuwait
Mother Filed A Complaint About Her Son A Kuwaiti woman has filed a complaint with the Jahra Police Station accusing her son of assaulting her when he was under the influence of alcohol, reports Al-Anba daily. In her complaint to the police... November 18, 2016 0 141 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Youth Was Arrested For Stealing A Mobile Phone A 1991- born Kuwaiti youth was arrested for stealing a mobile phone from a store in Salmiya area, says Al-Seyassah. According to a security source, the Indian shop attendant lodged a complaint at Salm... November 18, 2016 0 155 Category: Crime News
KD 8 Million Spent For Salaries Of Non-Kuwaiti Employees A total of KD 8 million was spent in the fiscal year of 2014/2015 for paying the salaries of non-Kuwaiti employees of Ministry of Education. The ministry is seeking functionality stability for all emp... November 18, 2016 0 481 Category: Crime News
125 Cars And 5 Boats Seized The General Cleaning Department and Road Works at Hawally Municipality seized 125 cars and 5 boats during a campaign on abandoned and scrap cars that they launched in several areas within Hawally Gove... November 18, 2016 0 324 Category: Crime News
Age Limit Restrictions On Elderly Parent Ups Worry In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers responded to the restrictions on visa for parents of expatriates above 50 years. The majority of respondents felt that this move would put expatria... November 17, 2016 0 19347 Category: Kuwait
Signs Of Traffic Jams Emerge As Parliamentary Elections Day Approaches As the polling day for the upcoming parliamentary elections 2016 on November 26th approache, signs of traffic jams across the five constituencies start to emerge. The candidates are now entering th... November 17, 2016 0 86 Category: Information
Top Lawyer Fined For Insulting And Attacking 2 Officers The Misdemeanor Court ordered an experienced lawyer to pay a fine of KD 1,000 for insulting and attacking two officers from the Criminal Investigations Department. The court acquitted the two officers... November 17, 2016 0 392 Category: Crime News
Education Ministry Denies Alleged Resignation Of Expat Teachers Human Resources Department Director at the Ministry of Education Soud Al-Juwaisar has denied the alleged resignation of expatriate teachers who signed contracts with the ministry recently due to the d... November 17, 2016 0 563 Category: Kuwait
IMF Urges Further Kuwait Subsidy Reforms To Fight Back Budget Gap Kuwait must enact further subsidy reforms to trim its budget deficit resulting from low oil prices despite political sensitivity, the International Monetary Fund has said. Posting its first budget sho... November 17, 2016 0 531 Category: Kuwait
Election Candidate Offers 1500 IPhones To Women Voters A Kuwaiti candidate running in the 4th constituency is planning to distribute hundreds of cellphones to women in a bid to lure them into voting in his favour in the upcoming legislative elections... November 17, 2016 0 3400 Category: Information
Nearly 40 To 50 Divorce Cases Filed Every Day In Kuwait An average of 40 to 50 divorce cases are filed every day in Kuwait. Kuwaiti lawyer Ali warned against the alarming increase in the incidence of divorce cases. He claimed that ... November 17, 2016 0 1455 Category: Information
8 Kilos Of Marijuana Seized Custom officers seized 8 kilos of Marijuana hidden inside packages shipped from India , investigations are ongoing to identify the person behind the smuggling of of drugs into the country.   ... November 17, 2016 0 362 Category: Crime News
Salary Requirement - Visit Visa For Mother-in-law - Wife Pregnant I want to apply for a visit visa for my mother-in-law because my wife is pregnant and currently admitted in Sabah Hospital. My salary is KD 250 but I have heard of an increased salary cap. Can you tel... November 17, 2016 0 1378 Category: Legal
Kuwait Army And The Intelligence Agencies Are Fully Prepared For Any Disturbances Along The Border A senior security source has brushed aside reports that Shiite militias are preparing to enter Kuwait in response to video clips which have been circulated in the social media, reports Al-Shahed daily... November 17, 2016 0 1092 Category: Crime News
Couple Held With Chemicals Kuwaiti Securitymen have arrested Indian couple with nearly 1250 packs of chemicals , they were sent to concerned authorities.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... November 17, 2016 0 2178 Category: Crime News
Rain Expected From Next Week Till The End Of Month Meteorologist Essa Ramadan predicted Kuwait will witness moderate to strong rain from next week till the end of the month. Ramadan added that following a period of dry weather since October, the Wasm ... November 17, 2016 0 854 Category: Information
Govt Plans To Impose Taxes On Expats Remittances The government is planning to impose taxes on expats’ remittances and companies, local daily Kuwait Times reported. According to the latest report appeared on Kuwait Times daily, a special ... November 17, 2016 0 1539 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Govt Plans To Privatize Education And Healthcare Service The government is planning to privatize education and healthcare service in the country, local daily Kuwait Times reported. According to the latest report appeared on Kuwait Times daily, a specia... November 17, 2016 0 645 Category: Kuwait