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Egyptian Arrested , Who Wanted By Law Personnel from the Capital Security Directorate have arrested an Egyptian who wanted by law and had been sentenced in absentia for forging residence permit documents, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect... December 17, 2016 0 575 Category: Crime News
Cash Stolen Unknown person (s) broke into the house of a Kuwaiti citizen in Sulaibiya area and stole Saudi riyals 8,000 plus KD 200 cash. The citizen had gone out with his family, so he was surprised when they... December 17, 2016 0 733 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti English School Owner Insulted The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of insulting the owner of an English school in Kuwait, based on a complaint lodged by the school administration. The court dismissed t... December 17, 2016 0 1665 Category: Crime News
Asian Expat Arrested For Trafficking 6kg Of Hashish The Misdemeanor Court acquitted an Asian expatriate of trafficking 6kg of hashish from a GCC country through Kuwait International Airport for sale. The case file indicated the Public Prosecution Depar... December 17, 2016 0 797 Category: Crime News
Expat Farmworker Dies After Burning Coal Indoors Despite warnings by Kuwait Fire Services Directorate to avoid using coal heaters in enclosed areas, some people are still not heeding the warnings, as the case was at a Mutlaa farm, where an expat die... December 16, 2016 0 1013 Category: Crime News
Fillipino Maid Raped By Sponser Police have launched an investigation after a Filipino maid in her 30s was allegedly raped by a Citizen in Al-Qairawan area , the woman has been referred to Forensics , a case was registered to verify... December 16, 2016 0 2480 Category: Crime News
MOI Launched A Campaign To Support And Aid Aleppo And Syrians In Need Kuwait’s Ministry of Information announced Thursday the launch of a campaign to support and aid Aleppo and Syrians in need. The ministry has launched a one-week plan on Wednesday to broadcast... December 16, 2016 0 820 Category: Kuwait
MP Riyadh Al-Adsani Has Asked The Government To Look About Politically Motivated Withdrawal Of Citizenship MP Riyadh Al-Adsani has asked the government to look into what he calls “politically motivated withdrawal of citizenship.” He stressed there is a huge difference between those who were str... December 16, 2016 0 1614 Category: Kuwait
KAC Has Launched Its First Commercial Flight To Dubai Using Its New Fleet Of Boeing Failaka B777-300ER Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) has launched its first commercial flight to Dubai using its new fleet of “Boeing Failaka B777-300ER” aircraft, the company announced on Thursday. The new f... December 16, 2016 0 1613 Category: Kuwait
MOC files fraud charges against coffee shops restaurants and shopping malls The Ministry of Commerce and Industry referred to the commercial prosecution dept a number of irregularities and fraud cases recently detected in coffee shops, restaurants and shopping malls. Under... December 16, 2016 0 1192 Category: Kuwait
Salary Below KD 450 Want To Bring Wife To Kuwait Sir my salary is KD 300. Can I bring my wife who is in India? Name withheld Answer: Yes you can get your wife only on Visit Visa and not on dependent visa as law clearly states that for dep... December 16, 2016 1 2035 Category: Legal
Criminal Court Acquitted 10 Indians Who Were Accused In Death Of An Egyptian Ten Indians who were sentenced to various jail terms by the Criminal Court, following the death of an Egyptian during a brawl at the Camels Market in Kabad, have been released by the Court of Appeals ... December 16, 2016 0 595 Category: Crime News
CED Have Arrested An Egyptian Doctor Personnel from Criminal Evidences Department have arrested an Egyptian doctor who had been sentenced in absentia for five years imprisonment for carrying out abortions, reports Al-Rai daily. It has be... December 16, 2016 0 645 Category: Crime News
Egyptian arrested For Possessing Hashish police have arrested an Egyptian for possessing hashish. The daily added, the suspect was arrested in Hawalli for committing a traffic offence. When the man was ordered to pull over, he obeyed but got... December 16, 2016 0 255 Category: Crime News
Hawally Securitymen Arrested A Citizen For Possessing Drugs Hawally securitymen arrested a citizen in Salmiya for the possession of shabu and drug paraphernalia, say Al-Seyassah. While patrolling the area, the securitymen noticed the erratic movement of a vehi... December 16, 2016 0 211 Category: Crime News
Misdemeanor Court Acquitted A Citizen Who Was Accused In Stolen Car Incident The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a citizen of giving false testimony under oath that his sister stole a car in front of their house. Court files indicate the accused gave false testimony when his broth... December 16, 2016 0 151 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Sentenced 2 Years Jail And KD 3000 Fine The Criminal Court sentenced 16 citizens accused of repeating the controversial speech of former MP Musallam Al-Barrak to two years in jail and ordered them to pay KD 3,000 each for suspending impleme... December 16, 2016 0 284 Category: Crime News
Jail Extended For Kuwaiti Who Was Accused In Money Laundering The Detention Renewal Judge has decided to extend the detention of the Kuwaiti artist, identified as A.A., and an Iraqi expatriate, identified as A.S., who are accused of money laundering and drug smu... December 16, 2016 0 296 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Has Filed A Complaint Accusing A Syrian Butcher Of Assaulting Him An Egyptian has filed a complaint with a Police Station accusing a Syrian butcher of assaulting him and causing injury, reports Al-Anba daily. The victim said he was beaten because he complained about... December 15, 2016 0 714 Category: Crime News
Khaitan Police Have Referred 19 Cash Frauds The Khaitan Police have referred a Kuwaiti who had been sentenced in absentia in connection with 19 fraud cases worth KD 800,000 to the concerned authorities, reports Al-Shahed daily. He was also take... December 15, 2016 0 4093 Category: Crime News