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CED Have Arrested An Egyptian Doctor Personnel from Criminal Evidences Department have arrested an Egyptian doctor who had been sentenced in absentia for five years imprisonment for carrying out abortions, reports Al-Rai daily. It has be... December 16, 2016 0 648 Category: Crime News
Egyptian arrested For Possessing Hashish police have arrested an Egyptian for possessing hashish. The daily added, the suspect was arrested in Hawalli for committing a traffic offence. When the man was ordered to pull over, he obeyed but got... December 16, 2016 0 257 Category: Crime News
Hawally Securitymen Arrested A Citizen For Possessing Drugs Hawally securitymen arrested a citizen in Salmiya for the possession of shabu and drug paraphernalia, say Al-Seyassah. While patrolling the area, the securitymen noticed the erratic movement of a vehi... December 16, 2016 0 214 Category: Crime News
Misdemeanor Court Acquitted A Citizen Who Was Accused In Stolen Car Incident The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a citizen of giving false testimony under oath that his sister stole a car in front of their house. Court files indicate the accused gave false testimony when his broth... December 16, 2016 0 154 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Sentenced 2 Years Jail And KD 3000 Fine The Criminal Court sentenced 16 citizens accused of repeating the controversial speech of former MP Musallam Al-Barrak to two years in jail and ordered them to pay KD 3,000 each for suspending impleme... December 16, 2016 0 286 Category: Crime News
Jail Extended For Kuwaiti Who Was Accused In Money Laundering The Detention Renewal Judge has decided to extend the detention of the Kuwaiti artist, identified as A.A., and an Iraqi expatriate, identified as A.S., who are accused of money laundering and drug smu... December 16, 2016 0 298 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Has Filed A Complaint Accusing A Syrian Butcher Of Assaulting Him An Egyptian has filed a complaint with a Police Station accusing a Syrian butcher of assaulting him and causing injury, reports Al-Anba daily. The victim said he was beaten because he complained about... December 15, 2016 0 716 Category: Crime News
Khaitan Police Have Referred 19 Cash Frauds The Khaitan Police have referred a Kuwaiti who had been sentenced in absentia in connection with 19 fraud cases worth KD 800,000 to the concerned authorities, reports Al-Shahed daily. He was also take... December 15, 2016 0 4097 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested A Bangladeshi For Attempting To Smuggle Into The Country Six Forged Passports Personnel from the Customs department in cooperation with the police have arrested a Bangladeshi for attempting to smuggle into the country six forged passports. During interrogation he admitted that ... December 15, 2016 0 1613 Category: Crime News
CID Arrested 40 Year Old Kuwaiti For Possessing Porno Material To Customers Director of the Jahra Security Directorate Major- General Ali Mahdi has issued an order to refer a 40-year-old Kuwaiti to the Criminal Investigations Department for possessing and ‘distributing&... December 15, 2016 0 2695 Category: Automotive
Airport Security Department Have Arrested A Wanted Pakistani Personnel from the Airport Security Department have arrested a Pakistani who was wanted by law and had been sentenced in absentia in connection with fraud and swindling in a case filed against him by ... December 15, 2016 0 1189 Category: Crime News
Jahra Police Recently Raided The Home Of A Bedoun Who Was Wanted By Law The Jahra police recently raided the home of a bedoun who was wanted by law and had been sentenced in absentia for five years in prison has been arrested and referred to the concerned authorities, rep... December 15, 2016 0 1080 Category: Crime News
Securitymen Are Looking For An Unidentified Person For Kidnapping An Ethiopian Woman Securitymen are looking for an unidentified person for kidnapping an Ethiopian woman, attempting to rape her and tearing her clothes, reports Al-Anba daily. This happened when the 26-year-old victim s... December 15, 2016 0 751 Category: Crime News
Family Court Granted A Woman The Custody Of Her Two Children The Family Court presided over by Judge Meshal Al-Sneedah has granted a woman the custody of her two children and ordered her estranged husband (the father of the two children) to pay monthly expenses... December 15, 2016 0 779 Category: Crime News
Petition Filed Against Cleric Rifai For Violating Nationality Law Lawyer Mohammad Abbas has submitted a petition at the Public Prosecution against a cleric Fuad Al-Rifai, accusing the latter of violating the national unity law. He based his accusation on blogs and v... December 15, 2016 0 488 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Astronomer Has Warned That Kuwait Will Experience Severe Cold Weather From Dec 19 Kuwaiti astronomer Adel Al-Marzouq has warned that Kuwait will experience severe cold weather from Dec 19. According to Al-Anba daily, Al-Marzouq indicated that the nights are going to be longer an... December 14, 2016 2 5231 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait MPs Urge GCC To Expel Russian Envoys Over Aleppo Opposition MPs in Kuwait urged Gulf Cooperation Council nations Tuesday to expel Russian ambassadors over what they called Moscow’s role in “genocide” against civilians in the Syrian... December 14, 2016 0 796 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Affirmed The Significant Achievements Of The Kuwaiti Health Sector In Empowering Women Assistant Undersecretary of the Health Ministry Dr Majida Al-Qattan has affirmed the significant achievements of the Kuwaiti health sector in empowering women. Al-Qattan made her remarks in a press st... December 14, 2016 0 682 Category: Kuwait
U.S. Paves Way For Possible Dollar 1.7 Billion Tank Sale To Kuwait The US State Department has given its approval for a possible $1.7 billion military sale to Kuwait for the recapitalization of 218 M1A2 tanks and related equipment, services and training, a Pentagon a... December 14, 2016 1 1481 Category: International
Some Government Agencies Have Unintentionally Broken Many Homes Many government agencies have not been able to execute automation of their systems to protect confidentiality of information relating to some married citizens who are also married secretly to other wo... December 14, 2016 0 1027 Category: Kuwait