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Security Ops Embark On Thorough Checking Security operatives have been embarking on a thorough security checking of worshippers before they enter the mosques in Jahra governorate to make sure the lives of other worshippers are not in danger ... July 06, 2015 0 791 Category: Kuwait Local News
There is a Chance of Banning Whatsapp Calling In Kuwait ? The government is studying the possibility of banning WhatsApp calls in a preventive security measure similar to what has been adopted in other Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emi... July 05, 2015 0 778 Category: General
1990 Gulf Kuwait War- A Documentary on Oil Rich Kuwait After Kuwait Iraq War 1990 Gulf Kuwait War- A Documentary on Oil Rich Kuwait After Kuwait Iraq War. This is a Documentary on on Oil Rich Kuwait After Kuwait Iraq War in High Definition ... July 04, 2015 0 955 Category: Kuwait
What is Girgian Girgian a part of Gulf Region,(Kuwait)Girgian is celebrated during the month of Ramdan Kareem,it is marked on 13th,14th and 15th day of Ramdam. People start decorating their houses from almost a month... July 03, 2015 0 1680 Category: Kuwait
DNA Test is Must in Kuwait ANNOUNCEMENT: EVERYONE living in Kuwait is ordered to supply a DNA sample so police will be able to solve crimes quickerThe new law, passed through by the Kuwaiti parliament, also includes expatriates... July 02, 2015 0 785 Category: General
Beyond Impossible Videos

Beyond Impossible Videos

July 02, 2015 0 778 Category: General
Kuwait in Olden Days Ahmadi Hospital Failaka Island Al Safat Square Desalination Station  Al Ahmadi Drive-In Cinema  The First Court Private Salwa Garden   Kuwait Airport&... July 01, 2015 0 1318 Category: General
360 Mall Ramadan Social Health Activities 360 MALL – Kuwait’s iconic mall by the Tamdeen Group - is embracing the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan through a variety of social initiatives embodying the ideas of good health and h... July 01, 2015 0 1106 Category: General
Be careful when you get a message from unknown girls on Social Media I got a message on my skype from unknown girl saying hello , then i said hi from then what happened just have a look Don't be get tempted to these machine girls , sometimes you get ... June 28, 2015 0 2315 Category: General
ICE Skating Rink Searching for a place to spend a hot summer day in Kuwait? Do you want to discover an enjoyable way of spending some quality time with your family? Then the Ice Skating Rink in Kuwait City is the perf... June 28, 2015 0 3834 Category: Entertainment
Tunisia Attack: A Heroic British Lad Used Himself As A Human Shield To Protect His Fiancee  37 tourists have been killed in the attack on a Tunisian hotel. This heroic man made sure that his fiancée wasn’t one of them, by turning himself into a human shield to protect her,... June 27, 2015 0 58 Category: General
One Kuwait I would first like to pay my condolences to the families who have suffered losses in the horrific attack that took place yesterday in Imam Al-Sadiq mosque. These are tough times and may God give you t... June 27, 2015 0 817 Category: General
Dear Kuwait                                                      I didn&rsquo... June 27, 2015 0 840 Category: General
Bomb Blast at Shiite Mosque in Kuwait City Bomb Blast at Shia Mosque in Kuwait CityThe death toll from a suicide attack on a Shia mosque during Friday prayers in the Kuwaiti capital has risen to at least 25, the interior ministry says.Another ... June 26, 2015 0 850 Category: General
Kuwait Liberation Tower It is the symbol of Kuwaiti liberation, the representation of country’s resurgence, second tallest tower in Kuwait, and the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. Officially unv... June 26, 2015 0 920 Category: General
Total Number Of Workers Reach 1,772,035 In Kuwait The total number of workers in Kuwait reached 1,772,035 — 338,297 Kuwaitis and 1,433,738 expatriates, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting the recent statistics released by the Central Statics Departm... June 22, 2015 0 828 Category: General
CCTV Soon to Kuwait The National Assembly of Kuwait has approved the use of closed-circuit TV monitoring (CCTV) in public places across the country. They’re cameras installed everywhere that monitor all activities ... June 19, 2015 0 1285 Category: General
Ramadan Kareem

Kuwait Local Wishes You a Happy Ramadan    Ramadan is Month of Allah Whose Beginning is Mercy Whose Middle is Forgiveness Whose End is Freedom from Fire

June 17, 2015 0 1324 Category: General
Kuwait unveils new landmark set to become a “Beacon for the Kuwait” Kuwait architecture firm KEO has launched a new project which it claims is set to become a “beacon for the city”. The practice is working on a new headquarters for the Kuwait Investment Au... June 17, 2015 0 831 Category: General
Today's Reality

Situation of Present Generation described in Images  Source - Universe Studios

June 15, 2015 0 790 Category: General