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2 Filipina Maid Accused Of Burning Employer Baby With Hot Water A Citizen has filed a complaint with the Adan Police Station accusing two Filipina maid of pouring hot water on his 2 -year-old baby girl , then they escaped from the house to unknown area , the compl... March 08, 2016 0 1306 Category: Kuwait Local News
Airhostesses Help Saudi Woman Deliver Baby On Plane Mid Flight A Saudi woman gave birth to a baby girl at an altitude of more than 30,000 feet. The woman was among passengers travelling from Jeddah to New York when she went in labour and gave birth seven mon... June 16, 2016 0 1306 Category: Others
Expats With No Jobs Have No Place In Kuwait - Sheikh Mazen Clarified In Statements Made Last Thursday A senior Interior Minister official defended himself from accusations of being antagonistic towards expatriates in Kuwait, saying that he has full respect to foreigners working legally in the country,... November 28, 2015 0 1305 Category: Kuwait Local News
Women Passed Away In Etihad Airways Flight A woman died on board during an Etihad Airways flight heading from Abu Dhabi to Chicago.The Indian passenger passed away on flight EY151, while reportedly suffering from health issues.she died de... March 31, 2016 0 1305 Category: Kuwait Local News
Woman Kidnapped Police are investigating a complaint by a British woman who claimed to be kidnapped and beaten in Ahmadi. The victim said that a Citizen kidnapped her in front of her house , pulling her into his vehi... September 09, 2016 0 1305 Category: Crime News
Fish Prices Hike There is a shortage in fish in Kuwait; a country where seafood is most popular, or consumers are increasingly avoiding eating seafood because the price is too high, according to an official. Deputy Ch... April 05, 2016 0 1304 Category: Information
Duo Deported From Kuwait Two Asian expatriates have been deported from Kuwait for illegally working in the district of Al-Mahboula. The duo set up a hair salon at the basement of a building and attracted a lot of customers by... October 02, 2016 0 1304 Category: Crime News
40 Expatriates Arrested 40 of expatriates were arrested in security crackdown on illegal residents and law violators in Sharq and industrial area , The security men closed all areas , they were referred to MOI departments. ... July 20, 2016 0 1303 Category: Crime News
2 Iranians Arrested In Connection With The Murder Of 2 Citizens And Indonesia Female In les than 24 hours , two Iranian nationals were arrested in connection with the murder of two Citizens and Indonesia female in Salwa yesterday securitymen said . The victims were found inside a... November 26, 2016 0 1303 Category: Crime News
A Kuwaiti Couple Arrested For Making Love In Car Farwaniya securitymen have arrested a Kuwaiti couple for indulging in immoral acts inside a vehicle parked in shopping mall , They have been referred to the Police Station.   SOURCE : AYMAN... December 05, 2016 0 1303 Category: Automotive