Bad Title For Worst Law
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In my late adolescence age, I decided to drop out of school and take a job while deciding to continue my high school and college studies at night. I took this decision due to the absurdity of what was tought to me at the Al Muthanna Commercial School as well as my desire to do more than just go every morning to a traditional school.

 This decision took me to the Gulf Bank, and in 1964 I became the youngest employee in terms of position and age and there was no difference between me and the porter except that my salary was only 5 dinars more.

  The energy that I had, and may still be burning inside me, helped me excel in both work and evening study and also in starting a small business in the afternoon and I succeeded in eight years to do three things that usually take more than twenty years. This in fact had a positive impact throughout my life even until today.

I write this introduction on the occasion of the political dialogue with great enthusiasm about the early retirement law. The more demands of the deputies and the fierce struggle of some of them to approve it in some way or the other means they have made me more convinced that this law is inapplicable and the consequences will be terrible socially, materially and morally.

Kuwait is a young and perhaps financially rich country, but it is from the Third World. Its citizens barely contribute to its construction and sending or encouraging tens of thousands of state employees to early retirement will result in the destruction of many families but increase the number of visitors to cafes and depend more on non-Kuwaitis to do the work.

I have no doubt that those who are behind the adoption of this law, whose names are good enough to be suspicious, are those who  often do not care about the interests of Kuwait. They may belong to the ‘take whatever you want’ category and those who believe that we live in a temporary state and temporary wealth, and their only temporary interest is to earn a few votes, no matter if they are meager in value and meaning.

Talking about the advantages of the law of good loan (interest-free loan) and increasing the end of service indemnities are absurd ‘advantages’ and will almost lead to a deterioration of the financial position of the Public Institution for Social Security.

Some advantages in the early retirement law does not mean much compared to its disadvantages that allow, for example, to retire at the age of fifty, a confusing age not often suitable to be an effective retirement age, not even to start a new business as was the case with me more than fifty years ago.

There are a few jobs and there are more than 111,000 restaurants in Kuwait. What will a retiree do in his fifties or later? He will move from one restaurant to another and from one coffee shop to the other, or marry a second or third wife and lose his savings.

Service to the homeland is a commitment and duty, parliamentary seat is commitment and duty, and the fate of future generations is commitment and duty. We should not be rushed into passing an abortive law, instead of looking into dozens of other laws.



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