Bridging The Religious Gap
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Human and moral disgrace that afflicted us as a homeland and citizens is about to vanish with the approval of a bill by the Legislative Committee that has been submitted to the National Assembly which calls for granting citizenship to non-Muslims and the abolition of the bill which was passed in 1981 to grant citizenship to Muslims only.

This proposal got mixed reactions from lawmakers, human rights and prominent activists because the issue of naturalization is sensitive.

The opponents of the proposal understand that their position will help them to win many electoral votes. A majority does not realize that no country in the world respects itself while its Constitution limits the nationality of the state to the followers of one religion.

The opponents of the non-Muslim naturalization proposal have focused on an argument that includes a constitutional violation, and this is absolutely ridiculous. The proposed amendment to the Nationality Law removes a constitutional violation not the other way around and the supporting texts that prove that are so many.

As for saying that granting citizenship to a non-Muslim is contrary to Sharia, we will agree with them on that albeit with great reluctance in order to open the way for dialogue and clarifying things that some may not know.

We wonder or ask the whales opposing the proposal: “Is their participation and others in elected legislative councils in which Kuwaiti Christians vote has anything related to the Sharia they talk about? Are all the local laws related to the organization of the process of bank borrowing, determining, imposing and calculating interests included in provisions of financial issues? “

Is investment of the funds of future generations in international companies working in the areas and activities of which some may be suspicious not contrary to the Islamic law? This is in addition to hundreds of other examples. Why ignore them and focus on the law of granting citizenship to non-Muslims and considering it the only illegal issue?

It also makes no sense to all this exaggerated danger of this law on Islam although since its revelation. Muslims have lived with their brothers from other faiths, and Islam has not been affected or weakened, why is this nonsense now?

The removal of this disgrace does not mean that there are tens of thousands of non-Muslims waiting to be naturalized, this is not true. Naturalization is an issue that must be subjected to strict conditions, justified and acceptable considerations. The honor of holding the nationality of the state should be granted in future to only who deserve this honor regardless of origin or color, and this is the true humanity.

The late MP Nabil Al-Fadhel had filed an appeal before the Constitutional Court on the Kuwaiti Nationality Law, specifically on the article prohibiting the naturalization of non-Muslims because it constitutes a disgrace to the Constitution and the law, and the existence of such a defective article in the law is not within the ethics of the people of Kuwait.

Today, his son MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel is taking part in re-trying to remove this disgrace from us as citizens, and stopping the tampering of the Constitution to satisfy outdated minds and ideas. It should be noted that these opponents today were at the top of the opponents against granting women the right to vote, and once the women obtained their rights, they were among the first who scrambled to satisfy them.

Will this scramble be repeated if a non-Muslim, who is distinguished in his field, is granted the Kuwaiti nationality? I don’t rule out that opportunists will do this.



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