Darwin And The Great Scientists
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A few years ago, many people including me were confused and mixed human evolution with theories that interpret evolution. Evolution encompasses all living things, and it is a continuous process that will end only with the elimination of beings on this planet, or any other.

People’s mental capabilities have evolved over a period of time and become more acute, more inclusive and therefore more productive.

Human beings evolved in form, activity and strength, and year after year the champions of the Olympic Games break the record without a ceiling for human progress in sport and science mainly due to the evolution of the food process and living in a healthy environment.

If we look at the side effects of lactose found in milk, for example, we find that many people in Asia in particular do not consume milk and dairy products in the same quantities consumed by the peoples of Europe and America because their digestive systems have not developed as much as of the Europeans.

The Asians suffer from a condition called Lactose Intolerant, that is to say inability to digest sugar found in milk and dairy products, and will go a long time before they get used to it, that is evolution, thus, we clearly see that it is an ongoing process but we are unable to observe it because of its slow movement and relative shortness of our life.

This evolution was not noticed from humanity until 160 years ago when Charles Darwin, the English scientist, published his book ‘Origin of Species by Natural Selection’, one of the most influential works of modern science and one of the pillars of evolutionary biology.

Darwin presented his theory that organisms evolve over generations. The book has raised and continues to raise controversy because it contradicts the religious beliefs of some people, especially Christians and others, but we must admit that there is still no scientific theory based on solid rules or a rational interpretation of evolution other than Darwin’s theory, not only of its finite precision but of its wonderful interpretation of the origin and diversity of organisms.

Therefore, any attack or underestimating the importance of the theory is usually superficial and often religious or political that lacks clear evidence and sober scientific research, especially when we know that the evolution and change continue for the better and the best, and we must keep pace and live with it.

The rejection of the issue by religious extremists does not change anything from reality because the evolutionary theory has imposed itself on the states that influenced us in terms of their great achievements and inventions.

These states have completely accepted the Darwinian Theory, supported by a wide range of scientific evidences and discoveries, such as the Genome (Gene Map). A few years ago, the entire developed world celebrated the centennial of the birth of its author, one of the greatest human scientists, over time.

His theory is based on the scientific method in the research over a period of time – close to three decades. His goal was to give a scientific explanation for this vast diversity, similarity and difference between living organisms and their origin.

Apart from the doctrinal and religious idea of the creation, Darwin actually did not aim to challenge the constants or to confront religions, but to provide a scientific theory like any other theory.

Newton’s theory of gravity for example which facilitated the human flight in space in very high altitudes, transportation and communications did not aim to challenge religious precepts.

Maxwell’s (1861) theory of electromagnetic waves paved the way for radio, television, Wi-Fi, and much more, and was not intended to challenge constants, and so did the rest of the world’s great scientists.



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