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I was very happy to attend the opening of the second season of the Opera House and see the ‘Magic Flute’, one of the world’s timeless masterpieces of opera by Mozart, the genius composer of classical music. The opera was performed by the Armenian National Theater and the Yerevan Opera Orchestra. The show was really nice. I could not stay long because of a bad cough, bad for me and for those around me. It was quite noticeable that more than 60% of the seats were vacant.

The current season of the Opera House will be rich. Moreover, Herbie Hancock will play the ‘Jazz’ and will be followed by the ‘Return of the Eighties’ show, which he concluded in the previous season with great success. From Oct 24 to 27, there will be a spectacular show entitled ‘The Illusionists’ for young and old, with world-class magicians participating.

It will also be followed by the Bollywood Indian dance show. From Feb 13 to 16, 2019, Pixel will present a contemporary dance performance accompanied by the latest photo-voltaic technology. It will also be followed by the night of Al-Atlal ‘ruins’ or ‘Kalthoumiyat’ of Oum Kalthoum.

From March 20 to 24, 2019, London’s West End will move to the Opera House through a spectacular show by Michael Jackson, Thriller Life. From Britain, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the largest of its kind, also performs on April 11 and 13, 2019.

Several nights will be devoted to the classics of Ammar Al-Shurai, which will be sung by Abdullah Al-Ruwaished and Reham Abdul Hakim. The ‘Wahabiyat’ of eminent Egyptian singer and composer Mohammad Abdulwahab will be on Thursday night Oct 18, 2018, followed by a night for ‘Warda’ and another for Abdel Halim, two nights for Omar Khairat, and other beautiful works.

A rich season and a great addition to the cultural and artistic movement in Kuwait and no one to complain about the drought of the atmosphere, after the craws of extremism and stupidity left us or almost departed.

There still remains a very important point regarding price of the tickets. So far, a majority of the attendees are from a ‘financially capable’ class, and they can get what they want wherever they want, but the vast majority, the target, does not enjoy this ‘luxury’. The ticket prices are already beyond the capacity of many, especially small families of 3 persons and above who want to watch two or three shows a year. Here, the cost shall constitute a burden on the family budget.

For many reasons, a majority of the Kuwaiti families are targeted, and the Opera House’s performances should reach them more than the others. It should not be said here that the prices of our tickets are lower than that of Dubai Opera, Germany or Burkina Faso. The most beautiful minds of the families of these countries did not experience all the ideological sabotage we have been subjected to for 30 years.

Had I been responsible for marketing the shows of the House, I would not have hesitated to distribute tickets of many of its events to students of different schools in Kuwait, from Jahra and Fahaheel, through lots (draw) and free. The kidnapping of minds and hearts by the forces of darkness hit the whole of Kuwait, without exception, and must therefore be returned to Kuwait’s love and beautiful humanity.



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