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Cohen, Thank You Very Much This is the most difficult incident I have ever experienced. It was a hot summer afternoon in 1986, the place was a public park in an English suburb, my father was visiting us, where I was living with... December 05, 2018 0 572 Category: Opinion
Respect Sovereign Moves The world is awash with contradicting news, you wake up every morning to find variety of news hitting the headlines.  As you browse through the news pages, you find news on the G20 Summit in Buen... December 05, 2018 0 584 Category: Opinion
The Coward And Shameless The title of the article is an Egyptian proverb applicable to many peoples and societies, especially the oppressed ones. In an article by novelist Alaa Al-Asswani, to show an example of those who a... December 04, 2018 0 638 Category: Opinion
Change Ideas, Change Actions Every day, tens of thousands of ideas are presented to the human mind, each of which gives him a special feeling, so what we really feel is what we think about. If the mind creates pure and positive t... December 03, 2018 0 573 Category: Opinion
From Khosrow To Hulagu To Modern Tatars --- Baghdad Always Victorious PERHAPS, the geographical and strategic curse made Iraq the center of greed for old and modern nations. Iraq has witnessed many occupations and blockades for several centuries. After every onslaught, ... December 03, 2018 0 583 Category: Opinion
Courage And Vision Worthy Of His Office He was the man who sought a “kinder, and gentler nation,” and the one who sternly invited Americans to read his lips — he would not raise taxes. He was the popular leader of a mighty... December 02, 2018 0 585 Category: Opinion
Kuwaitis Recollect Liberation With Gratitude When the name of former US President George H.W Bush is mentioned, Kuwaitis recollect his great contributions to liberating their homeland from the Iraqi invasion and his determination to expel the in... December 02, 2018 0 563 Category: Opinion
Investors Can Enter Partnerships With New Implemented Law A major challenge faced by investors (local and foreign) is identifying a suitable business partner within Kuwait due to the lack of accessibility to public records, which can provide relevant backgro... November 30, 2018 0 621 Category: Opinion
Connecting The Dots Between Conflict And Hunger LAST week I met with Aamir, a 29-year-old Yemenite, living in Geneva since October 2018 and waiting for his application for asylum to be finalized. We met outside a café on a brisk, overcast... November 30, 2018 0 629 Category: Opinion
Search For Peace Requires An Enterprising Foreign Policy THIS week Istanbul will host two separate but related international conferences on mediation. One will be devoted to the state of play in the conflict map and capacity for mediation within the members... November 30, 2018 0 582 Category: Opinion
Message From Germany For Snivellers On A Shameful Law THE position taken by the commendable parliamentary legislative committee on the proposal presented by some of its (commendable) members – Khaled Al-Shatti and Ahmad Al-Fadhil – to amend o... November 29, 2018 0 605 Category: Opinion
True Enemy Of Muslims Kuwait began vaccinating schoolchildren before other neighboring countries for decades, thanks to the enlightened rule and distinguished doctors such as the late Dr Yahya Al-Hadidi, who protected tens... November 28, 2018 0 825 Category: Opinion
A --- From Elbow IN 1966 the Chinese leader Mao Zedong unleashed the Great Cultural Revolution which held as its four pillars the annihilation of the old (old traditions, old customs, old ideas, old culture) and their... November 28, 2018 0 653 Category: Opinion
Flying Gravel Dilemma - Whom To Point Finger At Yesterday I drove to the chalets area and returned the same day. I do not know why it came to my mind to count the number of tiny gravels that hit the windshield of my vehicle. I counted 40 and stoppe... November 27, 2018 0 615 Category: Opinion
Political Adolescent And 1986 Lesson UNDOUBTEDLY, the current political atmosphere in Kuwait is unhealthy in various aspects.  For instance, the Parliament deviates from amending outdated laws and from its proper oversight mandate. ... November 27, 2018 0 567 Category: Opinion
Bridging The Religious Gap Human and moral disgrace that afflicted us as a homeland and citizens is about to vanish with the approval of a bill by the Legislative Committee that has been submitted to the National Assembly which... November 26, 2018 0 607 Category: Opinion
The Various - Abhorrent Faces Of Racism Sometimes, I wonder if we are racists and if we do not accept others. Do we actually discriminate people on the basis of religion, ethnicity and skin color? Do we claim civility and open-mindedness wh... November 25, 2018 0 605 Category: Opinion
Eliminating Violence Against Women GENDER-based violence is an affliction that has no place in civilized society. It is a scourge that affects women of every race and ethnicity, every social class and religion, and in every country aro... November 25, 2018 0 594 Category: Opinion
Al Mu Tamid Ibn Abbad Enlisted The Services Of The Marabout Brotherhood Who Snatched His Government And Banished Him HISTORY abounds with lessons on how countries change from one situation to another, and how a ruler should protect his country against dangers. The story of Al-Mu’tamid Ibn Abbad, ruler of Sevil... November 25, 2018 0 591 Category: Opinion
Do Not Be Next Victim People tend to stick to ‘first impression’, especially in an unpleasant rumor, and the general view of society in such instances might be unfair as it’s based on first impression. Th... November 23, 2018 0 666 Category: Opinion