Prince Mohammad, Your Grandfather Started In Kuwait And From Then Began A Mutual Destiny
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WELCOME to the country where your grandfather began his journey that unified a great country – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a vast peninsula. Welcome to the country liberated from the Iraqi invasion due to the kingdom’s efforts and that of its people and leadership, on top of them was your late uncle King Fahad bin Abdulaziz. If it were not for the response of your country and the natural outcome of historic mutual destiny, we would have been under the occupation of a country ruled by an evil, hostile and oppressive regime.

Welcome, O you prince, who holds major ambitions for the future of our great neighbor – the economic and stability giant in the region. Therefore, we feel obliged to follow up everything that is happening there. We analyze statements and decisions of its leaders. We follow their measures since Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz took the leadership reigns and since you became the Crown Prince, as well as the changes thereafter. We follow up the negatives and positives. In all that, we found ourselves before a country which quickly entered the 21st century after living for a certain period in the past.


Prince Mohammad, for the past three years, especially the recent year, we closely followed up your steps in the aspects of economy and society. This is in addition to the major civilization openness in this era and its demands. Within that course, we feared missteps. In fact, we mostly feared the possibility that you will not follow it up, because lack of follow up is the essence of missteps.

Indeed, you took major steps, and greater than that is stopping at a misstep to dilute it by reforming what needs to be reformed. Yes, there were missteps along this course like ‘Saudization’, levies, fight against cover up and some other economic issues.

However, the reassuring aspect is that you listen to those on whom you applied the law, even though some are shy to say the truth or discuss feelings. Unfortunately, this means they might hide an idea which could expedite progress or address an issue to reassure many people.

Your Highness, in Arab literature, the just ruler is the one whose justice overcomes injustice and you are undoubtedly one of such rulers. What is important is to open the windows of your office and the doors of your heart. You should not allow a protector to build a glass barrier between you and those you rule with justice, because you will see them but you will not hear them and they will see you but they will not hear you. We welcome you to your second country, Kuwait.

We apologize if we express our fears whose source is fear for a country as the region lives under its shadow. Without a doubt, you will reassure us if you explain the impact of the Yemeni war on the economy of the region – whether it is negative or not? Tell us, what if we did not fight that war, would we be winners or other will be winners? Yes, some know the difference and know that we are the winners but then others have yet to realize this and they want to hear from you the answers to questions which intensify assurance and confidence.

Your Highness, your father, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz encouraged us to present to him our concerns and positions without fear when he said: “May God have mercy on the one who points my shortcomings. If you see anything that harms your religion, your country, or your people, God forgive you.”

We are talking about flaws that may not have been seen. We talk about concerns and ask questions that come to the mind of observers, because the Kingdom as we said is the biggest sister. All the GCC people, before your people, were happy with the measures you have taken and they are all eyes on the right way you have established in fighting corruption and bribery in the kingdom.

No one will succeed if the big stick was not raised to combat corruption in order to clean the country, without bragging about laws, rhetoric and speculation. The entire world has been talking about corruption since the Romans but these talks yielded nothing but the killing of the guard. Look at those who talk about combating corruption without doing anything. All they did was hurl false accusations at somebody and they never gave back even one penny to the treasuries of their countries. On the other hand, some decided to reconstruct the State and purify it from corruption while putting the interest of the State before their own.

In this context, we remember Lee Kwan Yew who believed that the best steps for his country were to reconstruct it and not to be among the corrupt who obtained money at the expense of the future of his people. It took him only a few years to turn Singapore into the most outstanding financial center in the world, supplying the entire East Asia with creative and energetic experts. He transformed Singapore into a producer of brains with an advanced administration.

This is exactly what you have been doing since you started the campaign on purifying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from corruption. Your Excellency, Prince Mohammad, as one of the sons of this region where the people are keen on following up any step taken by the leadership of Saudi Arabia, seeking the favor of Saudis and the people of the entire region, I would like to reiterate the importance of opening the doors of your heart allowing us to express our feelings. We hope you become a ‘field’ Crown Prince just like the grand leaders who constructed their countries and dismissed those who keep citizens away from them. Eventually, they will not bear responsibility and throw it unto you. History tells us about the leaders whose doors are open for all to listen to them and talk to them. Perhaps, one word or one comment leads to the great issue.

Your Excellency, your wonderful country has amazing renaissance opportunities. All that remains to be done includes good marketing and amending some laws, just like the case in major economies. For instance, we cannot talk about renaissance while we see a number of negative phenomena that pull the society backward.

These negative phenomena include blood trafficking. Despite the remedies, this phenomenon requires a bold decision because it has become a butt of joke around the world. Moreover, investment cannot succeed as long as there are obstacles like punishing a debtor, who is older than 60, for failure to pay a small amount.

Most countries, especially those providing catalysts for individual initiatives and seeking development of their economies, do not include imprisonment as a penalty for commercial lawsuits which they regard as civil lawsuits. Prince Mohammad, what was mentioned above is nothing more than a sincere interpretation of the feelings coming from the loving hearts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, other Gulf countries, leaders of Gulf countries and you.



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