Shakespeare And Abu Tayyeb
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The greatest Arab poet, Abu Al-Tayyeb Al-Mutanabbi, was born in Iraq, lived in Syria and settled in Egypt, before fleeing from the oppression of the then ruler of Egypt Kafur Al-Akhshidi.
His poetry is distinguished by its simplicity and ease of preservation and it included words of wisdom that have been in circulation for a thousand years. Most of those who use those words of wisdom are not aware that it was Al-Mutanabbi who created them. 
Some people like putting Al-Mutanabbi in the second place after William Shakespeare but this is injustice to the latter because Shakespeare is the greatest poets of his nation, and the greatest play writer in the world. In his plays he explored the depths of the human soul, and analyzed it in a harmonious way. This is what Al-Mutanabbi or others could not attain.
These are some sayings of Al-Mutanabbi: Affliction of somebody is benefit for others. 
A man cannot achieve all he seeks since winds do not always blow in the desired direction of sailors. 
If you do favor for a noble man, you capture him. If you do the same with a mean person, he rebels. 
A wise man suffers even if he lives prosperously while an ignorant laughs while he is in troubles.
Since death is the confirmed end, it is shameful to die as cowered. 
These are Shakespeare’s beautiful words that will last forever:
Gold is tested by fire, woman is tested by gold and man is tested by woman.
The woman first loves her eyes, then her heart, finally her mind.
The woman laughs when she gets power but cries whenever she wants.
To see a lot and have nothing is to have a rich eye and poor people.
Hakim does not grieve the past suffering, but uses the present to avoid others.
Whoever loses hope, he loses repentance.
Tears are sign of love but they are not a cure for it. Cowards die many times before their time comes, but the brave die once. The wolf was not to be a wolf if the sheep were not sheep. Give any man all your hearing, but little of your words.
We can do a lot by right, but with love we do more.
Miserable are those who have no patience. Life in the eyes of the little girl crying and shouting and in the eyes of the girl interest in the appearance, and in the eyes of a woman is marriage, and in the eyes of the wife is a harsh experience. Three things increase women’s glory: good attitude, knowledge, and good morals.
The woman grants her heart to the man easily, but the difficulty lies when she wants to restore it.
Adornment of the richness is generosity and adornment of the poor is contentment and women’s chastity. Making your way with your smile is better for you than making it with your sword
Mercy is the essence of law, and the law is abused only by cruel tyrants. 
The silent grief keeps on whispering in his heart till it breaks it.
One of the most beautiful words of Shakespeare: O’ sleep, you kill our vigilance.
It is not the courage to retaliate, but it is to bear the patience.
The sins that man brings in his life are often remembered after his death, but his good deeds are buried as his body is buried and forgotten.
One who dies twenty years earlier shortens his fear of death by the same number of years.
Favor is more effective than a sword in the hand of a hero. Life is a big theater and all men and women are only actors.
The woman does not ask of the world except a husband, and if he comes, she asks him for all things. 
Great woman inspires the great man; the smart woman stimulates his interest, while the beautiful woman moves nothing of a man but admiration. Passionate and tender woman … the only woman who wins the great man at the end.




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