The Tilted Scale Of Truth And Justice
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A FEW years ago, I wrote about a junior doctor who obtained the title, ‘consultant,’ due to his relationship with a minister of health who had a bad reputation.  The title was used in official correspondences of the ministry and the doctor was appointed as member of an important medical committee.  He received allowance according to his senior professional designation, not because he was a premium doctor.  Moreover, he got the privilege of vacation with full salary when he accompanied a patient for four years.

At first, I identified the doctor using the first letters of his name.  Prompted by the request of dear readers, I later mentioned his full name in a post on my social media account.  The doctor shamelessly sued me, claiming that I defamed him.  According to the Audio and Visual Publication Law, my attitude is considered a public offense.  The act is punishable by imprisonment and fine.

When I was summoned by the Public Prosecutor, I showed him the documents upon which I based my article.  I pointed out to him the reason behind revealing the doctor’s name who acted like a consultant.  I said my first aim was to serve the public, after Al-Qabas daily refused to include the doctor’s name in the article.

I felt the respected Public Prosecutor was persuaded by my point of view.  The same happened in the Court of Appeals and then at the Court of Cassation where I was acquitted.

One month later, I was at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to process a transaction.  I found out there was a security block preventing me from accomplishing my transactions.  I went to different departments at the Ministry of Interior to know the reason behind the security block and I discovered it was the accusation of defaming the doctor.

I spent a long time in a number of departments at the Ministry of Interior, including the Sentences Enforcement Department and Criminal Investigation Department, in addition to the Ministry of Justice, before the security block and travel ban were lifted as per the court verdict which acquitted me.  It would have taken more time without the support of Attorney Adawiya Al-Deshaisham and the lawyers at the office of Attorney Meshari Al-Ussaimi, among several others.

On that day, I thought the issue ended especially when I, along with others, established the Kuwait Friendship Society two years later.  The monitoring bodies did not object then, despite the strict conditions which prevent convicts from establishing charitable societies.  The approval came in accordance with my police clearance showing no verdict against me.

Recently, when I changed my mind regarding retirement, I planned to establish two companies for commercial publishing and luxurious publishing.  Nevertheless, I ended up in a date with silly surprise.  I found out that some official bodies put a block in the system of the Ministry of Interior preventing me from establishing companies or institutions due to the accusation of defaming the supposed consultant doctor.

It took me a couple of weeks to lift the unjust block with the help of Attorney Adawiya Al-Deghaisham.

The question is: How could the judicial authority allow such corruption in the most important State institution tasked to enforce justice?

If I am right, how could a doctor plot, with the help of officials in the ministries of Interior and Justice, to re-insert my name on the list of those banned from establishing companies many years after the issuance of the verdict that acquitted me?

Sadly, the one who sacrificed a lot to protect citizens from the widespread corruption practiced by a number of senior officials in the Ministry of Health is exposed to such troubles that make him lose money and time.

On the other hand, the doctor who acted like a consultant is free from any punishment.  Perhaps, he is enjoying his fully paid vacation as a consultant until now.



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