We Are All Human Beings
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Yes, we are all human beings and all of us commit mistakes. We commit sins and we have our human weaknesses. Those who are dedicated to guiding others may not necessarily be the best people born on the face of this earth. Furthermore, they may be the most misguided but wish to guide others.

There is no criterion by which a person’s ‘virtue’ can be measured compared to others. Anyone who precedes his name with a title refers to virtue and good deeds, especially on his official account on social media is in urgent need to be little bit humble and to stop pretending. He has nothing to distinguish him from the others but his sharp memory that enables him to memorize a number of Hadiths and words of wisdom in addition to some fluency. Such skills can never qualify an individual to be described as a virtuous person.

Those skills become the key word for a person to jump to front lines to find place among well known figures with the increasing of the backwardness of the society and the poor skills of most of the citizens.

In such an environment, the people tend to apply the proverb, “You can commit sins and be safe of punishment if you do it according to a religious opinion of a scholar.”

So it was normal to read news reports about the accusation directed to the son of one of the preachers concerning smuggling containers of alcohol – we are all human beings and commit sins!

The secret cameras often took pictures of the virtuous scholars and men of religion and Cross holders while they were practicing disgraceful sexual situations inside the worshipping places or (Houses of God). Many court verdicts have been issued in several countries against  scholars who have gained millions via stealing the works of others and attributing that to themselves, without being blinded. Amazingly, still millions of naïve individuals follow them curiously.

Other virtuous people have stolen money allocated for printing the Holy Quran, a job they have been given credit for, but in fact they have not been able to print a single copy of it for almost a decade.

If respected global or local accounting offices were assigned to audit the records and accounts of international charities, to identify the large scale of violations committed by them, a huge number of violations will be revealed.

A Member of Board of Directors at a global charity stole a plot of land donated by an Asian country after he registered it in his noble or disgraceful name.

This is not a review of the abuses of this category since the opposite party is not the best of course. We all are humans, and therefore it is ridiculous that somebody insists on appointing himself as guardian of the others and controls them in terms of ethics and virtue.

It was too mean when some years ago a preacher accused Liberals of incest. Nevertheless, the religious bloc managed to protect him.

Let us not forget in this brief to mention of those who stole the funds of charities that were entrusted to them, and gained millions of dinars from selling illusive bonds named Sanabel .

We repeat and repeat that we are not better than others, and have never set ourselves up to guide others.



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