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Live And Let Live The following text is attributed to the late Sudanese parliamentarian Mohammad Ibrahim, “If a Muslim governs me, he will not help me go to Paradise, if an atheist governs me he will not get me o... August 17, 2018 0 171 Category: Opinion
Do Not Let Iraq Suffer A Holocaust To Satisfy Iran Agents NOT long after Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi concluded his statement on his country’s “commitment to US sanctions on Iran in the interest of Iraqis,” the Iranian front went up... August 17, 2018 0 90 Category: Opinion
Kuwait Airport - Tragedy Continues ONE of my readers used to work as an expatriate doctor in Ministry of Health, which has recently been transformed into a “Salafi” ministry, thanks to the minister’s tendencies. Ho... August 17, 2018 0 269 Category: Opinion
New Manpower Company's Price Tag And Name Of Worker Not Humanitarian THE most awaited manpower company has finally started operating. It provides other companies with employees and citizens with domestic workers upon their request.  Among many manpower companies, ... August 17, 2018 0 48 Category: Opinion
Continued Banality Hype ‘Enough is enough ‘ The former academician and politician Abdullah Al-Nafisi is a well-known political theorist for a number of television channels looking for excitement. He is, in ... August 17, 2018 0 42 Category: Opinion
Brotherhood Edicts Cant Rescue Erdogans Lira AFTER the June 30, 2013 revolution, edicts from Brotherhood clerics started flowing in torrents and the media orchestra started beating the drum of fiscal war against Egypt only because the people ret... August 15, 2018 0 159 Category: Opinion
A Stitch In Time Saves Nine A friend, whom I trust and respect, told me that in 1975 an educationalist met a senior official and gave him a list of names of senior officials in the country who were holding education certifi... August 15, 2018 0 184 Category: Opinion
You Were Right Abdullah - They Are Seceders FOR the past seven years, Jordan has been serving as a barrier against terrorist groups and the spread of these groups in Arabian Gulf countries. Without a doubt, citizens and security forces paid a h... August 14, 2018 0 224 Category: Opinion
What Blocked My Story For technical reasons I have published my new story in Beirut “Abdullatif Al-Armani (Armenian)” which includes approximately 150 pages. I have submitted copies of the story to the Kuwait B... August 14, 2018 0 166 Category: Opinion
Beginning Of Change Yousef is a small boy intelligent and discerning. He was very familiar of his father the way he talked about his accounts in banks, about his property abroad, saw money in his father’s hands, an... August 13, 2018 0 134 Category: Opinion
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