Kuwait International Bank Atm - Shuwaikh Port


Al Mawanee,Kuwait Ports Authority, 1st floor, Shuwaikh, Capital Governorate, Kuwait




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Kuwait International Bank [KIB], a bank that operates according to the Islamic Shari’ah from 1st of July 2007, is a public quoted company. It was incorporated in 1973 and was originally known as the Kuwait Real Estate Bank. As an Islamic bank, KIB’s business covers all banking services including Acceptance of Deposits, Financing Transactions, Direct Investment, Murabaha (auto, real estate and commodities), Ijara Muntahia Bittamleek (Lease-to-own) , Istisna’a, Tawarruq, Credit Cards, Wakala and other products. Corporate projects and finance, Treasury Services, Issuing Let... View More
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