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KWD 316

Hosted by : Qtoof Academy

13th Nov from 08:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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Kuwait, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Bag Software is an integrated program contains everything you need to step Anty turn into someone product directly


Duration of the bag: more than 120 hours of training Start Date: 13/11/2016 corresponding to 12/02/1438


This training package is composed of the following courses:


1. 9 hours basics of programming cycle begins 13/11/2016


2.dorh design of the user experience ui ux 9 hours begin in 11/20/2016


3. Advanced course in programming on the iPhone system 30 hours of training - start at 11.27.2016

Or advanced course in programming on the Android system, 30 hours of training - start at 11.27.2016


4. Programming games on the famous engine Unity3d - 18 hours of training - start at 25.12.2017


5. WordPress sites online programming - 12 hours of training - start 11.8.2017


6. Production of videos Motion graphics - start at 12.15.2017


Lecturers courses: a group distinct from the trainers and developers of applications and websites, games and great scientific experience in their fields


When you enroll in this course you get:


1. Registered web programming cycle Services php / mysql and a $ 100 - free of charge to subscribers a full bag


2. Programming online html / css sites course and a $ 75 - free to subscribers a full bag


3. Domain + Hosting for a year free of charge to subscribers a full bag to implement what is learned in the Web marketing their applications and their toys cycle


4. Accredited by the International College London Certificate send you to your accommodation by mail - only to subscribers of the bag


Bag Software is where everything you need to transform into someone a product directly and start working out of your home immediately


Details courses ** Place Courses: Online courses within virtual Kattouf Hall, and will be video and audio can all interact with and be recorded and can be for students to return them for review after the session


Why do I need to join Bag Software?


Does not require prior experience never - love of programming and familiarity with a good thing

Vim high and urgent desire to learn


Training features remotely:


- No barriers nor temporal or spatial restrictions


- Direct communication with the coach


- Recorded lecture can refer them and benefit from them later


Certified Software Bag: certificate approved by the International College , London send you to your accommodation mailed

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