Bijan Mortazavi
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19th Apr from 08:30 PM - 11:30 PM
20th Apr from 08:30 PM - 11:30 PM

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SJAS Concert,KUWAIT, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Between the traditional Iranian music that takes you back to the sumptuous palaces of ancient Persian kings and the modern pop tunes, you will be introduced to an artist who has carried his homeland through his music to the world, Bijan Mortazavi, a major figure in the Iranian music industry.

Famous for composing ‘Fire on Ice’, ‘Music and I’, ‘Dance of Fire’ and many more, Mortazavi is a talented violinist, composer, and singer. Settled in the United States of America since 1979, he mixes heritage with modernism forming a bridge between the Eastern and Western musical traditions and defining himself as one of the talented musicians. What sets Bijan apart from others, is his ability to personally play all the instruments used in his arrangements. He has released several albums which have gained success throughout the world.

Traditional shoe-box concert hall designed to accommodate large international touring orchestras, bands and ensembles.

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