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Hosted by : International Vision Institute For Training

24th Sep from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
5th Oct from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Office 2, 2nd Floor, Ali Abdul Wahab Commercial complex, salem al mubarak st , Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

Vision Institute provides international guidance and training

With the cooperation of 3 international bodies in the implementation of a high-level professional program 

Under the accreditation

Institute of Certified Administrative Consultants - Canada - America

Chartered Institute of Management Consultants (CIMC)

With participation

Chartered Association of Business Administrators -CABA

Association of Certified Business Managers Canada / America

In cooperation with

The Institute of Financial Consultants- ifc

Institute of Financial Advisers Canada / America **


The professional consultant program and the specialized internal consultant provided here is qualified and accredited by Canadian / American bodies with a specialization in the degree of consultant. The fellowship is awarded to hundreds of consultants from the world, which earns professional experience in addition to training and development capabilities. This program is the step In obtaining the consultant's grades for the highest levels in your career

Consulting Professions Freelancers work independently and in accordance with specialized work methods approved for the management of professional work and through the qualification and accreditation of specialized organizations in the rehabilitation of professionals and professionals in the field of professional consultancy. Professional certificates provide support to entrepreneurs to obtain qualified qualifications for their work, a qualified curriculum, and the opportunity to obtain professional degrees for consultancy work groups, a new start to work as a professional counselor.

Features of the training program

    • Obtaining two certificates (professional) and internal consultant (specialized)
    • A professional professional consultant certificate will be issued by the Institute of Consultants and the certificate of the internal consultant will be issued by the Association of Business Managers
    • The international body is registered with the National Certification Agency in Canada and America
    • The degree of certification is the degree of professional consultant
    • The professional level gives you the right to provide advice in your field of specialization
    • Gives you the opportunity to work with a team in the implementation of consultations
    • Opportunity to work in the commercial partnership in the implementation of joint consulting projects
    • The first step in the practice of your work and future career as a professional consultant in your specialization

Program Contents

Definition of professional consulting work - Methodology of consultants work according to their levels - Basic work tasks for professional consultation Strategic thinking and planning for consultancy - Success in consultancy - Development of the performance of the consultant work Consultant in business and projects - Knowledge in internal and external consulting - Customer & Business Relations - Consultant Jobs & Service Delivery - Work Methods & Contract Marketing Strategy & Selling Services

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