Counselors Skills In Persuasion And Conclusion Of Agreements
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KWD 120

Hosted by : International Vision Institute For Training

10th Sep from 05:30 PM - 09:00 PM
11th Sep from 05:30 PM - 09:00 PM

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Office 2, 2nd Floor, Ali Abdul Wahab Commercial complex, salem al mubarak st. , Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

  • Manufacturing the brand name for your business
  • How to build a business reputation and what are the conditions
  • What to do in order to succeed in your work
  • The importance of adherence to the rules of work as a consultant
  • How to build confidence in your abilities through your methodology
  • Steps to ensure success

If you follow the methods used by professionals and specialists in the fields of development, training, and consulting, professional work depends on your abilities and on an important role that reflects your vision and reading of reality, your business relationships and your knowledge of your work environment. You can make a clear plan of action from your studies to building your business system and starting practice or developing the practice of consulting. The work of the professional and consultative training means to help you to work in excellence within the business. The work is characterized by professionalism and professionalism as it is given to him by the work of the consultants around the world. We can also give you the methods that you need. Work incorrigible and prospectus and contract agreements and service delivery

Objectives of the workshop

  • A specialized training program that helps you build a business plan and practical steps that will make you perform your work as a professional to ensure your success
  • Offer professional services and important goals that make you looking forward to succeeding in your career
  • Ways and means of work practiced by professionals around the world
  • Easy approach is a guide guide to apply your lead to professional success
  • Knowledge of obstacles, risks and obstacles
  • Automate the work, implementation and management practice skills of your professional business
  • A two-day workshop for professional and professional professionals
  • Get certified, qualified and systematic work in marketing, contract making and contracting methods.
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