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15th Oct from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Dar Al Awadi Tower, 18th Floor, Sharq, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

The course aims at training speculators on how to read the chart in a more professional way by studying how the market moves and how to determine probability ratios for each movement. This study also examines capital management, risk management and the study of computations that will give the mathematical advantage to speculators. With higher probability ratios.The objective of the course is to increase the accuracy of the speculator's expectations, also to examine the relationship between probability ratios and risk ratios. After completing the course you will be able to make all the necessary mathematical equations to become a professional speculator in the foreign exchange market. This course is basically a comprehensive study of how to successfully manage portfolios, how to trade professionally, and not just analytical science. ------- session of the following points comprise: - the ratios 

The possibilities 
- trading buttock systems (HFT) 
- continuous market movements and reactions speculators 
- shifts directivity 
- composition price models 
- price models failed 
- lines trends and ratios possibilities 
- price models and ratios possibilities 
- support and resistance ratios possibilities 
- the relationship between Da'mom resistors and trading systems buttock 
- Transaction management 
- Reasons for trading with trends 
- Signs of strength and weakness in directional movement 
- Mathematical equations and their relationship to trading 
- Entry and exit stages of transactions 
- Capital and risk management rules 
- Professional trading 
- How to build a trading plan that Your
- Types of capital management commensurate with the trading plan. 

The session will be held at the company's headquarters: 

Kuwait, Sharq, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, 
Dar Al Awadi Tower, 18th Floor. 

You can register in the course through this link:

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