Metafit Coach Certification
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29th Mar from 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Are you a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, or simply interested in learning more to enter the fitness industry?

Would you like to increase your revenue by delivering a 30 minute HIIT Metafit interval workouts that fires up the metabolism, works muscle and ultimately burns fat?!

You can now become a REPs endorsed, certified Metafit Instructor in the Middle East.

No equipment and little space needed for a workout that gets amazing results in less than 30 minutes. Class, GX or One to One. To change shape you must first change your metabolism. Metafit really will burn fat and change your body shape!

1 Day Metafit course:
- Mobilisation, activation and dynamic warm ups
- Metabolic effects and fat-burning
- Busting the myths / core vs. abs
- Interval and tabata techniques
- Bodyweight training progressions and regressions
- Teaching the Metafit(™) 30 minute workout.
- Media / Downloads / Marketing
- 4 Additional tracks if you subscribe (optional)
- Awarded 6 REPs UAE (internationally recognised and accredited)

- Assessment and Certification (on the day)

Call +971561728475 to book

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