Mohan Masala In English, Hindi
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15th Oct from 06:00 PM - 11:30 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Mohan's Masala is a simple, engaging and an inspirational account of Gandhiji's journey from his childhood to the time he finds the purpose of his life, that of gaining freedom for himself and his people from the Britishers. It begins from his school days and ends when he gets thrown out from the train in South Africa ( ironically that's when most of his other plays and films begin). The play is refreshing because it is peppered with true incidents that have rarely been enacted before and it is also unique because the play is not about his struggle with Britishers, nor his search for truth or non violence. But its about finding his own self. How from a common man he goes on to become the Mahatma that we all know him as. Its a journey where Mohandas Gandhi finds the Mahatma in himself. And this inspires each one of us to find the hero within our own selves.

Director : Manoj Shah, Actor : Pratik Gandhi, Writer: Ishan Doshi
Art: Atul Dodiya, Music: Kanhaiya, Singer: Parthvi Gohil
Production : Janam Shah.

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