Music Concert- Assi Elhalani And Mashael
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6th Apr from 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa, Al Taawun Street, Messilah, Messila, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate,Kuwait

+965 99335398

+965 98936312

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Music Concert- Assi Elhalani and Mashaelâ €
حفل غنائي للفنان عاصي الحلاني و الفنانة مشاعل⠀
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Thursday 6th April, 7pmâ €
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@jumeirahmessilahbeach , Al Ta’awun Street, Kuwait, Kuwait City.â €
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@assielhallaniofficial @mashael_official @pacha_kuwait
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• Mohammed El Helani , widely known as Assi El Helani is a Lebanese singer. Assi's musical career officially started after winning Studio Al Fan a TV program for young artists at the age of 17. He has released more than a dozen albums. His biggest hits are Wani Mareq Mareet, Amshi Lihali, Mali Saber, Ahebbak Gedan, Ahla Al Oyoun, Shoag El Sahara, Lubnani , Bel Arabi and Kayed Ozzalak.â €
• Mashael is a very talented singer that impressed everyone by her voice. She sang in early age by singing in special occasions. She's known for her songs in Tv serious " Fetha Qalbha Abyath"2008. She released many albums such as "kaed Al Nesa'a" and "Bent Oboy"â €
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• call: 99335398-98936312â €

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