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8th Dec from 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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National Theatre, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Samira Said has had a long successful journey in the Arab music world. A career that was crowned by the honor she received when she was named as Commander of the Order of the Throne by His Majesty King Mohammed V at the celebrations of Throne Day in 2009.

Samira began her music career at the age of eight, and continues to shine with renewed artistic colors, placing her on the very exclusive list of the most famous Arab artists. During her career, Samira made 46 albums, that came out on different forms including CDs, cassettes and digital, and more than 500 songs that won her many awards including the International Music Award.

She released her first record in 1970 titled “Liqa’a” (Encounter). At the end of 1976 she moved to Cairo where she performed two songs with composer Mohammed Sultan “El Donya Keda” (Life is Like That), and “El Hub Elli Ana Aishah” (The Love I’m Living).

During her career, Samira was fortunate to have worked with some of the most famous composers such as Mohamed Al-Mougy and Mohammed Sultan, and was one of the most singers of her generation to sing songs composed by renowned composer Baligh Hamdy. She also collaborated with Gulf singers Abadi al-Jawhar, Abd Al-Rab Idris, and Talal Madah. She was also the first Arab singer to release a full Album of Gulf music titled “Bila Etab” (Without Reproach).

After some absence from the music scene, Samira Said returned in 2014 with her Moroccan song "Mazal" (Still), where she surprised her audience by her ability to constantly introduce new and contemporary music to the younger generation. The song was accompanied by a distinct and out-of-the-box video clip that created a stir, earning her her second World Music Award.

Dress code is Smart Casual. No sports clothes are allowed.

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