Smart Phone Photography
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KWD 30

Hosted by : Dawrat

23rd Mar from 12:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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Block 2 Salmiya symphony style hotel floors 5 6 7, Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

The course includes the distribution of gifts for the best 3 photos in addition to the distribution of gifts to all participants worth about 20 to 25 dinars.

Gifts subscribers to the best 3 photos of the course:

AppleWatch 4th Edition ** Earphones and Home iPod Headphones

Workshop Themes:

  • Common mistakes before imaging and methods of treatment.
  • Explain multiple configuration methods to obtain successful and correct angles by identifying configuration types.
  • Learn the correct isolation methods.
  • Filming of Salwaite and its modulation in telephone programs.
  • Professional photography technique and methods of image treatment before and after photography with phones.
  • Apply the triangulation rule and distribute elements with images
  • The art of cropping pictures and getting rid of scattered elements.
  • How to get a sharp image with high quality smartphones.
  • Image editing and coloring techniques using approved programs.
  • Camera settings (faux settings - lighting settings - isolation settings).
  • Learn the correct image sizes in the software programs to get the best quality
  • Shoot new and unconventional ways using the panorama feature to get new angles.
  • Photography of professional videos using smart phones.
  • Learn the correct video settings before starting shooting.
  • What are the speeds of video shooting and the benefit of each speed 24 p / s 25 p / s 30 p / s
  • Slow slum technics (for movement / people / fluids)
  • تصوير التايم البس professional phones
  • How to take professional shots and prepare them before editing
  • Learn about the most popular programs for professional editing of phones
  • How to make beautiful natural transfers with non-program video shooting
  • Video shooting angles and camera moving modes
  • Learn about accessories to install phone photography (Ozmo Mobile - additional lenses - lighting)
  • Professional editing method using smart phones
  • Video colorization, light correction and treatment, and video export
  • The correct video formats for the media programs for the highest quality.
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