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Hosted by : Integrated Vision Institute For Training N Consult

26th Jan from 12:00 AM - 11:30 PM
7th Feb from 12:00 AM - 11:30 PM

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Kuwait, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

+965 60006784

Interest in your health is essential you can not do without them today you need to be the confrontation with yourself and start to take off in your life and in order to do the tasks that you need to in order to address the health and development of yourself and build your character.


Objectives of the trip


Exercise all the means to address the weakness of your body and your ability to physical and motor activity is that makes you think you can continue with your work and the exercise of your life.


Training Programs


Program (psychic energy balancing) Energy Psychology Balance


Simulations muscles and nerves of your body and in order to know your problems physical and learn how to stimulate your body to get rid of the last deposits, trauma, fears, effects, concerns stored in Jsmk.gelsat therapeutic daily dedicated to cancel all the sediment that has affected your health and Hmtk an international training program supported with a certificate


Kinetic Yoga Program Yoga & Pilates


Activity to address your muscles for engagement of muscles in your members through yoga and active muscles and your members have renewed the youth body.


The practice of meditation program Practical Meditation


Reflections morning to be the liquidation of the mind and imagination of yourself and stability to your feelings and prepare Atzank psychological and convenience, and remove all of your fears and anxiety, meditation evening to build real peace and tranquility and physical comfort in order to sleep.


Ayurveda treatment program and therapeutic massage Ayurveda Therapy


Measuring the level of activity of your members and your members test the capabilities and work of natural herbal massage sessions and for the treatment of muscles and achieved physical ability. Massage daily medical supervision Ayurveda


Strengthen the personal attributes of the program Personality Traits


Curriculum will teach you how to recognize the character and analyzes, and How to recognize your intelligence attributes and features that you need in your personality international program that teaches you how to strengthen your character an international certificate.


Control Program in weight and diet Weight Management


The goal of building to take care of your health and the practice of suggesting to control your appetite during meals trip, get a feel Alyakhttiar healthy food and dialogue with your thinking and the work of diet you appropriately for your body and your body is allergic tendency of some food items approach you can practice later after the flight


Self-suggestion Self - Hypnosis Program


Suggestive sessions help in addressing the negative habits, temperament and emotions that change your reaction and your own Trddk, and build a positive dialogue with the ego of an international training program (Directive placebo) with a certificate.


Positive assurances Positive Affirmation Program


An international program that provides positive assertions that serve as you all day as you get a practical method and guide covers the practice of positive affirmations and every aspect of your life practiced with yourself throughout the journey


Chinese therapy program Rfalakciologi (treatment points reflectivity) Reflexology treatment stimulates the body to the energy flowing between your members and removing reflections , and through pressure on reflex stimulation centers, removing blockages and make the energy your body moving Bonsab change your body 's ability activity provided by a doctor who specializes Chinese Medicine


Capacity Development Program to think positive Positive Thinking


You can develop your thinking through training on the exercise of mental perception and manage the flow of ideas and training aimed at building ideas.


Trip sponsored meditation club under the supervision and administration d. Nasser Freeh


To connect with Dr.: 66540605


A limited number of seats you can now get your seat, booked his boat to finish.


Individual participant until the date of 15.11.2016 at a price of 1490 dinars.


Late registration until the date of 15.12.2016 at a price of 1750 dinars.

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