Strengthening The Mind Of A Better Life
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Hosted by : International Vision Institute For Training

5th Jul from 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

Mental awareness that is called the ability of your mind to pay attention to yourself and makes you explore the present moment and makes you generate his ability to control the moment in yourself and your mind.

The attention on the present moment make you aware of emergency on your mind the idea and makes you control the thought and the launch of the goal and thinking of your choice and Pantbahec will know how to control the thought that enhance your mind and turn it into a positive vision for your life.

That awareness of the present makes you able to control the way of ideas, and do justice to the inner voice and talk with yourself in order to make your mind stop the launch of negative thoughts and spontaneous internal talking will be given instructions for ideas stop.

Strengthening the mind and consciousness

Natural ways enhance the ratio of intelligence and control the direction of your mind, and increase interaction with your mind and your feelings, continuous Pantbahec and your practice mental meditation and simulations of thinking can reinforcement in you and you can switch to the positive and useful ideas and by choosing the tee to Esaad yourself and interest in the opinions and take care of your life.

Mmarcetk consciousness makes you get a perception that connects you to the knowledge and understanding of advanced current understanding.

You can get used to the exercise of attention in you and Uaak and make the natural concerns that your intelligence is called Tviedk and change your life to Aatnaik in your health and your life

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