Upgrade Yourself To Be Commander
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KWD 35

Hosted by : Integrated Vision Institute For Training Consult

7th Sep from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

+965 69031580

Course Overview
Aimed at reviving personal and leadership abilities prove oneself personal content in dealing with the community and the power of communication with the relations and overcome the fears and hesitation and lack of confidence .ttor strongly endurance and self potential and feet to work

Target :-

• the launch of self-awakening and revival of leadership and strength capacity attributes and temperament commander connection.
• conscious interaction with the attitudes and provide better leadership and prove personal opinion.
• Self-directed from within existing possibilities and practice of SaaS and Btabaa Alkiedan and ways to influence and communicate.
• Strengthening the performance of the underlying ego mind and address the problems of self-reliance on the power of simulations for the commander of the underlying.
The yield of the workshop

• Identify the secrets of the mind laws and ways to develop stronger interaction with the possibilities of thinking.
• starting in the personal positives and foot in self-defense and to speak fluently.
• Get rid of the confusion and noise and increase mental focus and active and initiative rather than withdraw and take personal responsibility rather than blame and punish the self and a sense of perseverance and persistence, rather than weakness.
• start dealing with simulations subconscious thinking and practice of building your own character and confidence in the ability of achievement and self-reliance and to find solutions and perform all the work you trust your skills and personal charisma firing skills.
Workshop content:

A meditation session in your subconscious mind, and the launch of the underlying rid of all the internal pressures awareness of your personality.
Training simulator subconscious mind and temperament building capabilities strengthen your character.
Launching awareness senses underlying experience within you and how to recognize the results.
Individual imagination
Exercises to strengthen the potential energy in the personality traits and attributes awaken dormant within you.
Building exercise every one of the stages of the growth leader within you and quickly practical and Anjaza performance.
Applications around the building reliance on internal security, and the confidence of a stock's potential in you
Launch interaction methods in accordance with the mental shift to the leadership of the window and empowered and influential test.
Certified from the Canadian Centre

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