Workshop , Setting Up An International Professional Coach
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Hosted by : Mohamed Khalifa

6th Nov from 05:00 PM - 11:30 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Having presented lectures for 12 years to thousands of trainees in more than 20 countries around the world for more than 100 nationalities and all this from Kuwait decided to convey my experience and my knowledge of a limited number of those who wish to work in the field of training lecturers international because there deserves to be a really boss international. the 
goal of the course is to prepare coach capable of professional training locally and internationally to achieve physical ambition and the social, cultural and scientific. 

of the country by a number of lectures for its citizens made during the past ten years are the United States (Chicago - Naooorlanz - Oorlando- Phoenix) - Canada (Vancouver) - Britain (London) - South Korea (Seoul) - Singapore - Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) - Hong Kong - Turkey (Istanbul) - Spain (Barcelona) - Colombia (Bogota) - Poland (Warsaw) - Nigeria (Lagos) - Kuwait - United Arab Emirates (Dubai - Abu Dhabi) - Saudi Arabia (Riyadh - Jeddah - Dammam) - Egypt (Cairo - Zagazig) - Oman (Sohar - Muscat) - Jordan (Amman) - Bahrain - Qatar (Doha) - Maghreb (Marrakech - Casablanca) - Sudan (Khartoum). 

training of trainers course will be the first course of its kind concerned with the preparation of a professional international coach can work inside and outside the country with the different nationalities of the world as well as they would be prepared to pass the test and get a coach certificate technical certified + CTT and this certificate will entitle you to rely as atrainer in the world 's largest technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Adobe and CompTIA and others , and in addition to the custom layout coach Other topics administrative, social and economic and other issues that you experience and knowledge of the . have 

been prepared in session carefully and experience in order to be a major cause of optimizing income for the trainees after completion and will enable them to provide marketing, delivery and follow - up training services in a professional manner so they will serve as the workshop is divided into four main parts and they are: - 
1 - preparation professional coach ( the latest international training methodologies applied) 
2 - how to trainees training from different cultures around the world. 
3 - Marketing your training services locally and internationally. 
4 - Arrange to test CTT Plus. 

you will get in the chorus as follows: - 
1 - scientific article 
2 - filming your video to be submitted for testing. 
3 - certificate of attendance 
for reservations and inquiries you can call on for LIFELONG Kuwait Institute Phone 22,257,636 from nine o'clock in themorning till five o'clock in the evening , or send an email to the following address: 
show unique 
investment 450 Kuwaiti dinars session 
and since we 're betting on your success so you can pay part of the amount before the session and the rest of the labors in the first cycle you afterwards.

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