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Does Maternity Leave Includes Fridays Also ? Category: Kuwait
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Hii heard that total maternity leave is 70 days, but I want to know whether maternity leave includes Fridays also or not As Per LawKuwait Labor Law stipulates the privileges for working pregnant women. Did you know that expectant mothers in the state, both local and expatriate, who work in the private sector are granted a total of 70 days for maternity leave by law? Provided the woman gives birth within this period.  It states, "a pregnant woman is privileged to have a maxiumum of 30 days maternirty leave before the date of delivery and 40 days after delivery."A pregnant woman can also be absent from work up to 100 days, consecutive or not, after the maternity leave but without pay. A medical certificate stating that the person is not yet fit to work needs to be presented as basis for the additional absences incurred after the maternity leave. This maternity leave will be forfeited on day-per-day basis until her annual leave are all taken."Employers should not terminate the service of a woman while she is on maternity leave or sick due to pregnancy or delivery, on the condition that she presents a medical report in this regard.You can find out more information on the Kuwait Labor Law site.

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