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Residence Transfer For A Nurse Hired In Kuwait Category: Legal
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I have been working as a registered nurse in a medical clinic for 2 years and 7 months now. My residence was locally transferred from another clinic to this clinic.

I gave my resignation last week with a 3-month notice period, because there is no benefit in any way from this clinic since I joined, and I have received a better offer from another clinic.

The manager refuses to give a reply to my resignation letter, saying that there is a new law which prohibits transfer of residence before 3 years, even though I was locally hired. Is this true? … if not, what is the procedure I should adopt for the manager to accept my resignation and give me the release to transfer my residence?

Name withheld 
Answer: The manager is not telling you the truth as there has been change to the law and local transfers are allowed after one year.

If the manager refuses to accept your resignation, send him a copy of the same through registered post and also an e-mail. All you need is a confirmation that he has received the resignation.

You don’t need his permission to leave the clinic. If the manager refuses to let you go, just file a complaint with the Labor Office in your area and this office will sanction your transfer to the company /clinic that you wish to join.

Source - Arab Times
Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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