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Transferring Of Farm Visa To Company Visa Category: Legal
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I came to Kuwait on Oct 8, 2012 on a farm (agriculture) visa. Now I want to transfer my iqama (residence) to a company … so please let me know whether I can transfer my iqama because I have been with a single sponsor last three and half years.

Name withheld

Answer: Over the last few months we have repeatedly stressed that people working on farms can transfer, after completing the obligatory period for such transfer, to even Article 18 (work permits) but only if this transfer is to the company of the same sponsor.

So, it is very clear that you can’t transfer to another company regardless of your service. But if you want to transfer from one sort of farm to another, this shouldn’t be difficult at all if the farm belongs to your current sponsor.

The only time one faces difficulty in such cases is if the farm you want to transfer belongs to another sponsor. In such a case you have to wait three years to make such a request.

Please also remember that the Ministry of Interior, through the Immigration Department, is very strict on transfer of expatriates on “shepherd visas” to jobs other than that of shepherds. A senior Public Authority for Manpower official recently voiced this restriction as a measure to cut down the trade in visas and to ensure that expatriates stick to line of work for which they have been issued visas to work in Kuwait.

Source - Arab Times

Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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