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I need to apply for a dependent visa for my newly born first baby … my wife already has a dependent residence, valid until 2017.

Both of them are in India now, and during my wife’s residency I had our marriage certificate attested by the Kuwait embassy in India.

Note: We don’t have our names in both passports… please let me know what are the documents required to get a dependent visa for my baby. Once I receive a visa what is the process to follow in India.

Name withheld

Answer: We really don’t understand what you mean by “we don’t have our names in both passports”. As such we can’t address that part of your question but we will detail what all you need to get a dependent’s residence for your child.

1. A photocopy of the travel document for the child which shows at least the name of one parent

2. The marriage certificate (translated into Arabic and attested by your embassy and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry)

3. An affidavit (in Arabic), attested by your embassy and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry, which shows your relationship with the child for whom you wish to get the visa.

4. A rental contract

5. Copies of your and your wife’s Civil IDs

6. A copy of your work permit Attach all the above documents to an application and submit the same to the Immigration Department in your area.

You shouldn’t have any problems in getting the visa.

Source - Arab Times

Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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