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Visas For Pakistanis For Sure Your Application Has Been Rejected Category: Legal
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I am drawing a monthly salary of KD 600 and I submitted a visa application for my wife at the Subhan Immigration Department, but they asked me to return at a later date.

So, I went back to the same Immigration Department after a few days and without checking in the computer, the officials asked my nationality. On being told that I was a Pakistani, he said “ for sure your application has been rejected”. He then checked in the computer and after re-checking my wife’s name, he confirmed that my application had been rejected. While we seek Allah’s help in this regard, we would like to know when such applications of Pakistanis will be accepted.

Name withheld

Answer: It’s really unfortunate but this situation has been prevailing for over six years now and, although there has been a lot of talk, it seems very unlikely that the situation will improve in the very near future. The authorities have linked the current “restriction” on the issuance of visas to Pakistanis to the security situation in that country.

Talking about the “official version”, officials say that all types of visas are being issued to Pakistanis but these are limited in number as the procedures to obtain these have been tightened. Only those who “know their way” around the various obstacles manage to get these visas because their issuance to Pakistanis is very, very restricted.

In some cases, there is a requirement to obtain an NOC from the Ministry of Interior. Applications in this regard are received by the Ministry of Interior in Sharq and the authority to issue these NOCs has now been delegated to an Assistant Undersecretary at the ministry.

Earlier, this authority only lay with the Undersecretary, a very senior official whose ranking comes only after the minister. The Ministry of Interior office where you need to give your application is located next to the Awqaf Complex (on Mubarak Al Kabeer Street) in Sharq, although the gate from where you will be allowed to enter lies on totally the opposite side on Othman Bin Affan Street.


Source - Arab Times
Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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