19 Year Old Student Detained In US For Having 'suspicious' Images On His Phone
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The Kuwaiti Embassy, ambassador and embassy lawyer are closely following the case of 19-year-old student Nayed Al-Rasheedi who is facing a nine-year prison sentence in the US after authorities found “suspicious” images and videos on his mobile phone.

High-ranking sources at the foreign ministry said officials are seriously attempting to reduce Al-Rasheedi’s sentence or have him released under guarantees from the embassy. Kuwaiti authorities have urged all citizens travelling to the US or other countries to refrain from saving any controversial images or videos on their electronic devices in order to avoid legal issues.

Al-Rasheedi has reportedly been detained for five months. His incident has sparked social media outrage with national bloggers urging the foreign ministry to intervene. The student was one of 24 Kuwaitis held in the US over contentious content on their mobile phones and laptops. The images and videos are deemed punishable by US law. The detainees are mainly students and tourists.



03 Nov, 2016 0 759
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