2 Kuwaitis Attempt To Steal Bike From Its Owner
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The Ahmadi police have taken into custody two Kuwaitis for attempting to steal a motorbike from its owner, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a security source, the Ahmadi securitymen and during a security tour in one of the areas saw the two people beating an unidentified person. When the police approached to see what was going on the suspects took to their heels in a vain attempt to escape. When they were caught and handcuffed, they admitted to attempting to snatch the motorbike and when he resisted they beat him severely. At the time of the arrest the men were abnormal. They had apparently consumed a kind of a drug. They have been referred to the General Department of Drug Control. In the meantime, a case of possessing and consuming drugs has been filed against them. This is in addition to another charge of assaulting a passerby and attempting to rob him of his motorbike.



13 Jan, 2019 0 166
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