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One of my first visit in Kuwait was to the Kuwait Towers, one of the most distinct architectural expression in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world, the Kuwait Towers are a cultural icon and a symbol of how geographically small nations can achieve great things. While there are three spheres and three towers. Standing majestically and elegantly on the water front in the Arabian Gulf Road, the Kuwait Towers are regarded as the symbol of Kuwait. As I approached the Towers I was struck by its elegance. Its grandeur and brilliant architecture would astonish anyone. The panoramic view of the sea and the city near the Towers are beyond words. One can spend hours in such spectacular atmosphere. The area remains busy with activities. One can notice people swimming, catching fish, sailing around in the sea, leisurely moving around, taking pictures or having good time with family or friends. There was a spacious car parking so that visitors don't face any problem. The date trees around and near the towers campus make the place more enticing. Designed by Sune Lindstrom and Malene Bjorn from Sweden and built by Energo project, a company from Belgrade, Serbia, it was opened to public in March 1979.The towers consist of two towers and a third pole feeding them with electricity. The tallest tower, 187 meters high, holds two spheres. The upper sphere at the height of 120 meters has a viewing point, a café and a gift shop. This sphere has a revolving observation area, with one full turn every half hour and it had some nice architecture counter tables made in glass where I had my coffee. The breathtaking view of the city from the viewing point is awesome. As I tried to find a place to capture the beauty of the city, there was no real rush as it was a working day and Irvin calicut didn\'t find it difficult to catch as many as Irvin calicut likes. The photos of destruction of the tower by the Iraqi troops during the Iraqi invasion in 1990 are displayed on the walls. The intention of the Iraqi troops was to destroy the very symbol of Kuwait. The towers were badly destroyed as they attacked it with missiles. But it was rebuilt and today's towers symbolize the affection, devotion, and tenacity of the Kuwaiti people for their country. Adjacent to the towers, to the left is the Aqua Park, the first and biggest water park of the Arab Gulf Region. To its right, at a walking distance of 12-15 minutes starts the Miami Beach. Oh yes Kuwait also have a beach named Miami. The long impressive beach, well maintained parks for kids, restaurants, BBQ area, long stretch of green grassy area just to sit and repose, makes it a perfect place to spend your evenings and I was glad enough to spend a beautiful evening there just gazing at the Ocean and a beautiful sunset in the background of the Kuwait city. past evening i left to my room leaving a beautiful light lit tower and a glittering city view behind through out the return my mind was full of the the pictures of destruction that was in side the tower of the Iraq\'s invasion who mindless people can be destroying such a beautiful monument , meanwhile my travel plan for my next day was storming up a side Irvin Sebastian

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