Al Diqbasi Has Called For Reactivating The Arab League And Security Mitigate Misery Of Refugees
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Kuwaiti MP Ali Salem Al-Diqbasi has called for reactivating the Arab League and boosting its role for preserving Arab national security and enhancing joint Arab action.

This was the core of statements Al-Diqbasi made to KUNA on sidelines of the meetings of the Arab Parliament (AP)’s Committee on Foreign, Political and National Security Affairs that concluded discussions in Cairo on Saturday.

The Arab League represents a “symbol of the Arab joint action”, he said.

The Kuwaiti lawmaker stressed the necessity of developing the League into a competent system able to keep pace with the age and realize the expectations of the Arab peoples.

Today, the committee members and Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League for International Political Affairs Khalid Al-Habas discussed a host of reports, he said.

Al-Diqbasi emphasized the dire need to adopt untraditional methods for maintaining the Arab national security against threats and acts of aggression.

He also urged the Arab League to act rapidly and help Somalis who are dying of hunger.

Kuwaiti lawmaker Waleed Al-Tabtabaie Friday stressed the importance of concerted efforts of Arab countries to mitigate misery of refugees, mainly children and women.

Al-Tabtabaie told reporters in a remark on the sidelines of Arab Parliament’s Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs Committee meeting.

The current situations in Syria, Libya and Iraq featured high on the committee’s meeting, he said, referring to the need of Arab common coordination to reduce refugees’ suffering.

He underlined the necessity of helping the poorest countries in the Arab world like Somalia, Comoros and Djibouti, and expanding development projects in these states.

The committee discussed some topics, mainly the Saudi initiative calling for rejecting linking violence and terrorism to Islam, he revealed.

The conferees focused on situations of the Palestinians in Israeli prisons and issues of human rights, he noted.

Unifying agreements and legal legislations, combating corruption establishing a committee for human rights in the Arab world and promoting cooperation with the Arab League were also discussed during today’s meeting, he concluded.

Developing higher education and scientific research in the Arab world is an essential matter, Kuwaiti MP Askar Al-Enezi has stressed.

Al-Enezi, on the sidelines of Arab Parliament’s social, educational, cultural, women and youth affairs committee meeting, said the committee members discussed methods of preparing a document to pay much attention to higher education and scientific research.

Migration, asylum and education issues were among topics, which were considered during the meeting, he made clear.

Al-Enezi urged the Arab countries to implement recommendations issued by Arab Parliament’s lawmakers in several dossiers.

He expressed his confidence that the State of Kuwait would apply most of proposals and recommendations by the committee that tackled many files.




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