Al-Roudan Promised To Take The Necessary Action To Lift The Suspension Of Kuwaits Participation In International Sports Events
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Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee Member MP Al-Humaidi Al-Subaiei has expressed satisfaction over the appointment of Commerce and Industry Minister Khalid Al-Roudan as acting State Minister for Youth Affairs. In a statement to the press after the committee meeting on Sunday, the lawmaker pointed out, “Al-Roudan came with a new breath, unlike the former minister who admitted there was no vision.” While pointing out that the new minister needs time to address sports issues, Al-Subaiei unveiled his plan to present in the next committee meeting a vision on reviewing sports laws to ensure they are in line with international Olympic rules.

He said Al-Roudan promised to take the necessary action to lift the suspension of Kuwait’s participation in international sports events. On the other hand, the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee approved Sunday a number of bills including the proposed establishment of a financial securities company and providing temporary houses for citizens on the housing grant waiting list.

Committee Chairman MP Mohamed Al-Dalal disclosed they also approved the proposal to amend some provisions of Municipal Council Election Law in order to equally divide the number of representatives and number of voters in each area. He said the bill was referred to the Interior and Defense Committee for further action. Other bills approved in the meeting include the amendment of the Civil Service Law, four proposals on health insurance for retired citizens and other segments of the society like housewives, transformation of Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) into a stock company with the State as major shareholder, recruitment of qualified retirees to teach in government schools, construction of hospitals in Mubarak Al- Kabeer and Sabah Al-Ahmed, protect adolescents against the bad influences of different media platforms, fund for supporting students on foreign scholarships, and establishment of small businesses portfolio in the Industrial Bank of Kuwait.

Furthermore, the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee unanimously approved the proposal to reduce interest on social insurance pension loans obtained from the Public Institution for Social Security from six percent to three percent. Committee Rapporteur MP Safa Al- Hashem pointed out the authority did not change the six percent loan interest from 1997 till date despite the legal advice given by the Ministry of Awqaf in 2010 that it is prohibited to charge interest on such loans. She added, “I do not trust the government because it will just increase tariff on private houses in the future. A lot of private houses are being rented out and there have been mistakes in imposing tariff.



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