Arab Man Not Guilty Of Raping, Robbing Compatriot Co-worker
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The Criminal Court acquitted an Arab expatriate who was accused of kidnapping and raping his colleague of same nationality and robbing her, and was imprisoned for eight months based on these offenses.

According to the case files, the plaintiff said she was robbed and raped by her colleague at work. The defense counsel Lawyer Jarrah Al-Enezi affirmed that his client stressed on his innocence since the start of investigations. He presented evidences that revealed the maliciousness and irrationality of the plaintiff’s accusations.

Lawyer Al-Enezi stressed that judgments are not only based on the Penal Code but also purely on certainty and not doubt and guesswork. He highlighted the technical evidence of the Forensics report which came short of what the plaintiff had alleged.



22 Jul, 2018 1 454
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