Bad Design, Faulty Drainage System Led To Floods
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Former MP and Chairman of Dar Al-Duwailah Engineering Consultants and Construction Managers, Mubarak Al-Duwailah held the Minister of State for Housing Affairs, Dr Jenan Bushahri, and officials in the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) responsible for the recent flooding of the Sabah al-Ahmad city following heavy rains that hit the country recently, reports Al-Qabas daily.

During a press conference, Al-Duwailah said the Minister of Housing did not present the reality to the Council of Ministers, and said the engineering office which designed the city is responsible for the floods and calling on her to resign from her post if she fails to reveal the facts to the public.

He added what caused the floods is the non-implementation of the designs of reservoirs and the faulty drainage system which led to the accumulation of water and flooding the city.

He pointed out the plan of the reservoirs was adopted by the PAHW, which was designed by Dar Al-Duwailah Engineering Consultants and Construction Managers but did not commit to the implementation on the ground, which absolves our side of any responsibility, because the ball was entirely in the court of the PAWH and the Ministry of Public Works. Al-Duwailah was surprised by the suspension of the participation of Dar Al- Duwailah in the PAHW although the Dar did not cause any error or shortcoming, but the minister lacked precision when she claimed it, while “we have all the evidences of our transparency and integrity.”

He added the PAHW refused to activate the supervision of the Dar on the implementation of the project on the pretext that it would take the task of supervision and implementation. He explained that Dar Al-Duwailah Engineering Consultants and Construction Managers will resort to the judiciary if the PAHW does not interact with the grievance book submitted to it and will request an official apology to the Dar for its misconduct



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