Basement Parking Spaces Should Be Mandatory
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New, multi-storied buildings cause of lesser car parkings’ – ‘Make basement parking mandatory’  In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers weighed in on the issues they want the municipality to tackle in their neighbourhoods, 57 percent of voters felt that congestion caused by insufficient parking spaces to be the most pertinent.

“Over the past few years all the old two and three floored buildings in our block have been demolished and replaced by taller buildings with more apartments but not enough parking spaces. The residents have no other alternative but to park along the street and this makes movement very tight on already narrow roads,” a reader shared.

“Basement parking spaces should be mandatory now in order to obtain building permits for new constructions. I also think multi-storeyed parking lots should be constructed on vacant strips,” another voter told the Arab Times.

18 percent felt that waste disposal and recycling should be the highest priority of the municipality in their locales. “Waste is overflowing in my neighbourhood. There is just so much accumulation of garbage that the once a day collection of it seems so futile. We need more bins and more frequent rounds,” a respondent shared.

“A vacant lot opposite my building in Salmiya, although fenced, has become a garbage dump for people in the surrounding buildings where they mainly dispose old furniture and other large household waste. This became very dangerous a few months ago when a fire started and very quickly got out of control. A car parked adjacent to the lot, suffered damage and this could have been avoided if there were more bins for use,” a reader informed.

9 percent of respondents that the quality of roads and street utilities needed more attention. “The quality of the roads in my neighbourhood are deteriorating and no one seems to do anything about it. There are so many potholes and cracks now that desperately need to be resurfaced.”

“Something needs to be done about the drainage system. The roads clog up with water so easily whenever it rains,” another voter pointed out.

16 percent felt that more greenery and beautification projects were necessary in their neighbourhoods. “I love to see more greenery in the area I live, more grass and shrubs would make the area look less drab. There is good landscaping and ample greenery along main roadways but it would be nice to have more trees in inner residential areas as well.”



29 Oct, 2015 0 1657
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