Businessmen Lose Money As Visas Expire
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Many Indian businessmen in the UAE have been left frustrated with the glitches in the eMigrate system and the Indian government's response. "I have travelled to the Indian embassy five times to try resolve this issue," said Al Ain-based contractor John Cherian. " They promised to complete the process but they could not due to failure of the new system." Cherian said the visas he had acquired for two workers have expired because of the delays. "I lost more than Dh5,000 ... as immigration and labour department fees are non-refundable," he said.

Samkutty Chacko, who runs a small technical shop, said he has faced similar problems while attempting to bring in two Indian workers. "I have contacted the Indian embassy by telephone and in person several times," he said. "But the result is negative. The new system is not working at all. "I have lost about Dh6,000 and lost quota approval from the Ministry of Labour for two employees.

For a small business person like me, it is a considerable loss ... The situation is very bad. The Indian embassy asked (me) to contact the help desk support team in New Delhi, and they are of no help."

Another businessman, George Varghese, lamented the troubles the e-migrate system has caused. "I lost money and it affected my business since immigration clearance formalities cannot be completed," he said. "It is sad and the condition is pathetic."


Source: Khaleej Times

17 Aug, 2015 0 1508
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