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Hearing On Misappropriate Use Of Public Funds Today - 24 Officials Of The MOI Accused The Misdemeanor Court, chaired by Judge Met’eb Al-Ardhi, on Sunday will resume hearing of the Ministry of Interior’s hospitality case involving 24 officials of the ministries of Interior a... September 08, 2019 0 147 Category: Crime News
American Woman Has Accused The Medical Examination Center At KIA Of Causing The Death Of Her Cat An American woman has accused the Medical Examination Center at Kuwait International Airport of causing the death of her cat, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to a security source, the woman to... September 08, 2019 0 214 Category: Crime News
13 Citations Were Issued For Illegal Ads The Department for Audit and Follow-Up of Municipality Services in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality carried out a series of inspection tours in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate to ensure shops and commerci... September 08, 2019 0 144 Category: Crime News
Court Refrained From Punishing A Kuwaiti Citizen Who Was Accused Of Possessing Hashish The Criminal Circuit of the Court of First Instance refrained from punishing a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of possessing hashish for consumption and driving his vehicle under narcotic influence. ... September 06, 2019 0 180 Category: Crime News
100 Reckless Motorists Were Sentenced To Imprisonment The General Traffic Department disclosed 100 reckless motorists were sentenced to imprisonment because of non-compliance with traffic laws during the first half of this year, reports Al-Qabas daily. ... September 06, 2019 0 175 Category: Crime News
Two Egyptians Engaged In A Fight In Hawally Using A Cleaver Two Egyptians engaged in a fight in Hawally and one of them used a cleaver to hit the other three times. After the fight, the assailant purchased a ticket to leave the country but the victim already r... September 06, 2019 0 212 Category: Crime News
Police Make Avenues Mall Secure From Dozens Of Harassers And Outlaws Daily The security checkpoint at Avenues Mall is exerting tremendous efforts to control dozens of harassers and outlaws daily, reports Al-Anba daily. This greatly contributed to the elimination of manife... September 06, 2019 0 556 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen’s White Safari Jeep Stolen An unknown individual stole a Kuwaiti citizen’s white safari jeep, which was parked in front of his house. He rushed to the police station of the area to report the theft. Securitymen circulated... September 06, 2019 0 204 Category: Crime News
Four Kuwaitis Said To Be Affiliated To The Muslim Brotherhood The suspension of the head of an ‘external’ security apparatus, identified only as M.S. was because he was allegedly covering the activities of four Kuwaitis said to be affiliated to the M... September 06, 2019 0 147 Category: Crime News
Iranian Arrested For Trading In Booze And Psychotropic Substances Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department acting on information recently raided a rented house in South Surrah and arrested an unidentified Iranian for trading in booze and psychotropic su... September 05, 2019 0 132 Category: Crime News