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Bid To Burn Bank In Sabhan The Ministry of Interior has opened an extensive investigation in an attempt to close files of arson particularly the fire in Salmiya which destroyed many cars including a Porsche, an Audi, a mini bus... September 02, 2019 0 512 Category: Crime News
MOI Officer Insulted By Young Kuwaiti Disrespecting the men in uniform seems to continue unabated and in the latest case a young Kuwaiti has been detained at the Salhiya Police Station for insulting the security men when he threatened one... September 02, 2019 0 154 Category: Crime News
Passenger Of Kuwait-Ahmedabad Flight Arrested For Smoking In Aircraft Toilet A 20-year-old youth from Madhya Pradesh has been arrested for smoking cigarette in the toilet of an aircraft during an international flight from Kuwait to Ahmedabad, police said on Saturday. Accord... September 01, 2019 0 564 Category: Crime News
MP Gears To File 3 Grillings As the summer vacation draws to an end, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani disclosed that he prepared three interpellation motions for Interior Minister Lieutenant General Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah, Finance Minister N... September 01, 2019 0 186 Category: Crime News
Most Kuwaiti Men Are Satisfied With Just 1 Wife - Only 15 Men Married To 4 Women The issue of a second wife, which surfaces from time to time with the issuance of statistics, indicates that most Kuwaiti men are satisfied with just one wife. The law grants citizens the right to hav... September 01, 2019 1 1215 Category: Crime News
New Surprise - Brotherhood Members Entered Using Christian Names The Egyptian prosecution and security services continue interrogating members of the Muslim Brotherhood cell who were arrested in Kuwait at the request of the Egyptian authorities and were extradited ... September 01, 2019 0 315 Category: Crime News
Pakistani Taxi Driver Flirting With A Kuwaiti Woman Police are looking for an unidentified Pakistani taxi driver for flirting with a Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Rai daily. She also accused the man of taking her pictures with his cellphone. She said... September 01, 2019 0 1677 Category: Crime News
Power Outage Was Experienced In Sulaibiya Prison A power outage was experienced in Sulaibiya Prison and the buildings around it including the Private Forces building. According to security sources, Ministry of Interior used electric generators after... August 30, 2019 0 290 Category: Crime News
Kuwaitis Car Stolen In Egypt When He Was On Vacation An unidentified Kuwaiti has sought the help of the Kuwaiti authorities to find his car which he said was stolen by thieves in Egypt when he was on vacation, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, a... August 29, 2019 0 188 Category: Crime News
Stray Dogs Drugged, Not Slaughtered A widely circulated video in the social media showed three expatriates drugging a dog and claimed men were then slaughtering the dogs, reports Al-Anba daily. When the video went viral the men were ... August 29, 2019 0 117 Category: Crime News