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28,000 Dinars At Gun Point In Jleeb Security officials from the Farwaniya Governorate probing the armed robbery of money-collecting agent who was robbed of 28,000 dinars at gun point in Jleeb Al- Shuyoukh say several expatriates rounded... June 04, 2019 0 1094 Category: Crime News
Court Released The Russian Suspect On KD 1 Million Bail The Appeals Court has amended the verdict of the lower court and released the Russian suspect in the ports embezzlement case Marsha Lazareva on KD 1 million bail, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The cou... June 04, 2019 0 926 Category: Crime News
Watermelon Seller In Fight ? A bedoun has retracted what he said in a video clip that an unidentified Bangladeshi man stabbed him with a knife, reports Al-Anba daily. He told police the Bangladeshi hurt himself while selling w... June 04, 2019 0 952 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti And His Asian Girlfriend Arrested For Consuming Drugs The Ahmadi police have arrested a Kuwaiti and his Asian girlfriend for consuming drugs, seized from them narcotics substance and referred them to the General Department of Drug Control, reports Al-Rai... June 04, 2019 1 738 Category: Crime News
It’s Suicide Not Murder … Case Closed The Criminal Investigation Department has closed the file of the young Kuwaiti woman whose remains were referred to the Forensics department for an autopsy because when the death was reported to the a... June 03, 2019 1 1789 Category: Crime News
Court Rejected A Lawsuit Filed By A Son Against His Mother To Refer To Psychiatric Institution The Court of Appeals has upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance that rejected a lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti citizen against his mother through which he asked the court to refer his mo... June 03, 2019 1 162 Category: Crime News
80 Citations Were Issued And 177 Cubic Meters Of Various Items Were Confiscated In Capital & Farwaniya Campaigns Kuwait Municipality launched inspection campaigns in Capital and Farwaniya markets during which 80 citations were issued and 177 cubic meters of various items were confiscated, reports Al-Seyassah dai... June 03, 2019 0 185 Category: Crime News
Officer Remanded To Police Custody For 21 Days Inside The Central Prison For Flouting Law An unidentified police officer with the rank of captain and who does not work at the border port has been arrested and interrogated for leaving the country in the company of a businessman who left the... June 03, 2019 0 346 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Dayag Laid To Rest Filipina Constancia Dayag, who died on May 15 at a Kuwaiti hospital under mysterious circumstances, was buried on Saturday (June 1) by her family at a public cemetery, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting i... June 03, 2019 0 428 Category: Crime News
Fake Saudi Prince Gets Busted After Three Decades A Florida man who posed as a Saudi royal for three decades and cheated people out of $8 million will spend 18 years in prison for fraud, authorities said on Friday. Anthony Gignac, 48, constructed ... June 03, 2019 0 559 Category: Crime News