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Dependent Visa Minimum Salary KD 450 Or KD 250 In MoI website, dependent visa minimum salary is mentioned as KD 250. But in other websites it is mentioned as KD 450 for private sector employees. Can you please confirm which one is correct? Is ther... June 05, 2018 1 14123 Category: Dependent Visa
Visa Restriction – Bringing Wife On Visit Visa Can I Get On Dependent Visa Later Before 6 Mnts I have small question and I need your support. I am planning to get my wife on tourist visa to Kuwait and after 90 days she will go back to my home country and after a couple of weeks I’m planni... May 02, 2018 0 392 Category: Dependent Visa
School Is Not Ready To Transfer Visa To Dependent Visa – Hired From Abroad I was hired from my home country (Philippines) and I resigned from the school I worked for. They will cancel my visa but would not allow a visa transfer (dependent visa) under my husband. My questi... April 17, 2018 0 280 Category: Dependent Visa
Getting Dependent Visa For Child I and my wife are working here in Kuwait. We are both on visa 18. We have a baby who was born in Kuwait. Later I sent the baby to my home country. Then after two years we brought the baby to Kuwait on... April 07, 2018 1 852 Category: Dependent Visa
Sponsoring Wife On Dependent Visa Can I sponsor my wife with KD 400 monthly salary + KD 100 allowance in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: No you can’t, because the law says that to sponsor someone on a family visa you ... March 30, 2018 0 1026 Category: Dependent Visa
Minimum Salary Requirement For Dependent Visa This is to get an information regarding the new rule for the dependent Visa. I would like to know what is the minimum salary required for taking Visa for my family. I am an engineer working with KD 35... February 23, 2018 0 2588 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa For Unmarried Daughter Age Limit I appreciate your response to our queries. I have a question regarding my residence renewal. How many days do I need to complete my renewal process? Since I have to go to my country immediately after ... January 27, 2018 0 1671 Category: Dependent Visa
Salary Cap And Sponsoring On Dependent Visa My monthly salary is KD 345 and have my family over here before the law changed for dependency, would like to have your assistance on the residency of my second child as there is a law for minimum sal... January 21, 2018 0 1516 Category: Dependent Visa
Transferring Dependent Visa Of A Son To Work Visa Hi! I’m a 20-year-old guy on a temporary visa. My dependent visa expired about two months ago and this is my second extension and this expires in a month and half. Recently I’ve had a disp... January 16, 2018 0 936 Category: Dependent Visa
Transferring From Visit Visa To Dependent Visa I am working in a private organization in the IT sector; on my work permit designation is computer engineer with salary of KD 450. My wife and daughter already have valid residence on my sponsorship. ... December 28, 2017 0 896 Category: Dependent Visa